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D.V. by Diana Vreeland & Diana Vreeland by Eleanor Dwight

dv by diana vreeland and diana vreeland by eleanor dwight2011 must be the year of Diana Vreeland because within a few weeks I received two books on Diana Vreeland, one autobiography and one illustrated biography.  The infamous socialite turned fashion editor turned museum curator, Diana Vreeland will forever by etched in our collective memory of everlasting style.

Diana Vreeland: An Illustrated Biography is an elegant book that details Vreeland’s life from her society upbringing to her days as “Special Consultant” at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Vibrant, rich and strong, the book cover is in Vreeland’s signature red – a color that was synonymous with her.  And appropriately enough, because of her influence at Vogue as Editor in Chief, the preface is written by Vogue‘s Editor at Large André Leon Talley.

While on one hand you get an outsider’s perspective on Ms. Vreeland complete with photographs, illustrations and quotes with Diana Vreeland: An Illustrated Biography, you can also hear about Ms. Vreeland’s adventures from the woman herself in her autobiography D.V.  Originally written in 1984, just five years before her death, D.V. is the mesmerizing autobiography of one of the 20th century’s greatest fashion icons. Her passion and genius for style helped define the world of fashion for fifty years. That we still read about her today is a testament to her everlasting style.

Diana Vreeland’s style legacy can now be celebrated by a new generation of fashion lovers and style mavens. Her legacy continues with the publication of two lovely works that celebrate her life. D.V. and Diana Vreeland: An Illustrated Biography can be purchased online.

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