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Blow the Whistle for Peace

In July 2003, the Democratic Republic of Congo officially ended a 5-year war that claimed the life of 5.4 million people. Despite having signed a peace agreement, the death toll continues, 2.7 million people have died since 2004. Nearly 1,500 continue to loose their lives daily, almost half of the people killed are under the age of five.

Children are abducted from their homes and forced to fight, boys not big enough to hold a weapon are sent to battle armed with a whistle to alert that the enemy is approaching. Their weapon became a symbol, thanks to the organization Falling Whistles that sells whistles to raise awareness on the Congolese war.

Celebrity Whistle Blowers: Ciara, Rihanna, Beyoncé & Jessica Biel

Falling Whistles has partnered with retailers and organizations, and has raised over $500,000. One-hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to rehabilitate and advocate for children and women who have been affected by the war. Falling Whistles creates lasting partnerships for peace. “Together through our retail campaign, we have educated thousands and created a shift towards style and substance.”

Make their weapon your voice, be a whistle blower for peace. Whistles range from $34 to $104 and can be purchased at Fred Segal, Curve NYC, Atrium, The Brooklyn Circus, and Falling Whistles online store.

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