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ArtPad SF, May 19-22 at the Phoenix Hotel

441 O’Farrell St.
SF, CA, 94102

Ever Gold Gallery will be participating in Art PAD San Francisco May 19th-22nd at the Historical Phoenix Hotel. As a multi media / installation / and performance based gallery we will be continuing our commitment to such art forms through diverse programming beyond our booth.

In the Ever Gold booth – room 49

Mark Mulroney
Chris Ritson
Jeremiah Jenkins
Adam Parker Smith
Guy Overfelt
Owen Takabayashi
Charles Linder

Work also available from:

Aaron Terry
Tahiti Pehrson

Public Performances from:

Josh Short
Jeremiah Jenkins

Mark Mulroney, 2011, Gouache on Panel.

Chris Ritson, 2011, Bizmuth on Porcelain firgure.


In the Virgin American VIP Collectors Lounge, Ever Gold artist Chris Ritson will be creating a site-specific installation:

Lotus Eater is a kinetic installation, created from the leaves of the Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). Its title references the North African island culture of “lotus eaters,” who were immortalized after Odysseus’ men became drugged by the narcotic lilies the islanders consumed. Indolent and forgetful, the myth of the Lotus Eater is evoked in light of our current affairs in North Africa to examine the strange balance of seduction and fear that are so commonly represented in the telling.

Chris Ritson will also be playing his short film, In The Kingdom of Charisma, which was created during a three week long residency at Ever Gold Gallery. This video mixes time-lapse footage of crystals and plants with media collages to celebrate our anxieties pertaining to the body, identity and nature.

“In the hollow Lotus-land to live and lie reclinedOn the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind.”- The Lotus-Eaters, Alfred, Lord Tennyson


During the Thursday night VIP opening in the courtyard at the hotel Ever Gold artist Jeremiah Jenkins will be creating a temporary Sand Mandala floor sculpture:

The impact of the BP oil spill feels eternal, but there is hope in the fragility of existence. All things pass, all things fade, and time and nature are the unstoppable reclaimers of the proper way. The BP logo is a sacred geometric design, protracting out from the center to reflect the sun or a flower. It bears a resemblance to the lotus and represents just as much unfolding. This piece is a prayer to the universe and to humanity to let that which will, and needs to; fade and disappear.


On Friday afternoon Jeremiah Jenkins will wear his Blue Collar Bushido Samurai suit on display in the Ever Gold booth and do a performance in the courtyard – turning his sculpture into a performance based work. Blue Collar Bushido invokes the strength, dedication, and power of the samurai and channels it into the world of the working class. The physically demanding, low paying, and often dangerous jobs performed by blue collar workers often requires similar philosophies to the tenants of Bushido, the samurai code. In this performance a worker transforms into a warrior. Painting a pine tree, the symbol of the spiritual realm, on drywall panels and using his weapon to break a block.


On Saturday from 6-10pm Ever Gold Gallery will be hosting a few music based performances in continuation with the belief that all arts based mediums are important to the growth and understanding of our culture in the purest sense.

There will be three special musical guests that represent the cutting edge of contemporary folk rock in San Francisco.

In between sets there will be a pirate radio DJ performance from Josh Short with his Bomb Shelter Radio Mobile Unit. As a fully contained mobile sound system, the B.S.R.M.U. allows you to broadcast a micro radio transmission as well as amplify the transmission with a Remote controlled monster truck equipped with a speaker. It’s the wave of the future…today!

Josh Short will also be operating his Gold Standard Machine, turning your unwanted junk into gold. After the alchemic act, the artist will weigh your new gold object and certify the worth with a certificate.

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