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We Got The Beat : Jessie J

Jessie J

Jessie J - Get ready to be blown away!

We am pleased to introduce to you all, the infamous Jessie J! England has cranked out quite a few soulful singers in the past few years (Adele anyone??) but Jessie J is primed to set herself apart, as a risky, honest and extremely talented performer. Ok there is a good chance you might have already heard of Jessie J since her song with BOB “Price Tag” is all over the radio here in the US, but Jessie J has been on the scene for a little while in the UK. She has earned her chops and a growing/powerful fan base to catapult her across the Atlantic to take over the states!

So let’s get to the gossip on the Ms. Jessie J! She was a classmate of Adele’s in the UK and started performing at 9 years old. She wrote the heartfelt ballad (and fan favorite if you go to a show) “Big White Room” at 14 years old. She has attracted all kinds of attention about her sexual orientation after she very casually mentioned in an interview that she is in fact bi-sexual (when will the press stop making this a big deal!). Her vocal talents are so amazing that she is often accused of lip syncing at shows, something she goes to great lengths to prove false on youtube.

Jessie J MISS We Got The Beat

With that out the way, let’s get into the music. Jessie J is without a doubt a skilled pop song writer. The credits for who she has worked with is deep and on her new record, you hear why. Songs like “Who You Are” and “Big White Room” stick out as moments from her where you are honestly touched by how direct and poetic her song writing can be. Her voice is HUGE! It can go high and low and run all around in between. My favorite song of her’s  “Mama Says” is from front to back a jammie James Brown styled song that lets her show off her chops! Where Jessie J falls short for me, and only just lil, is when her runs and vocal performance goes from “WOW” to “oooooookkkkkkkkkk, I get it”.

Jessie J MISS We Got The Beat
So where can you hear some of the crazy vocal gymnastics we am raving about? Well you gotta she her perform her songs live! Recently Jessie J teamed up with Giant Step to produce a viral video that took Jessie J into a NYC subway station to sing in front of passer-bys. Just her, a little CD player and her voice. The reaction for the lucky NYC travels says it all. In the clip below you can see that performance plus hear a little more about Jessie J and her take on performing.

Up next for Jessie J is more tour dates in the US and the release of her debut record, Who You Are on 4/12. She will also be all over the TV on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, BET 106 & Park and Ellen in case you missed her SNL Performance last month.

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2 Responses to “We Got The Beat : Jessie J”

  1. jsica Jessica says:

    I love her! Her voice is amazing!

  2. Randi Hernandez Randi Hernandez says:

    She sounds like a cross between Robyn and JoJo in the very best way possible. Finally, a pop star who can sing!


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