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Skimkim Yummies: Root Beer Floats + Something I Ate

Maybe I’m showing my age too much, but, oh well. When I think of root beer floats, I think of diners or old school soda fountains. Thus, THE PEACH PIT. Yeah, I said it. The rest of you thirty-somethings did, too. I don’t know if they ever sat around talking about teenage pregnancy or cheating on tests over root beer floats…They definitely ate ice cream and drank coke. I have never watched the new bunch of foolery that is the present-day 90210 (no offense to the fans). I just can’t. What y’all know about baby doll dresses?!???


Well, this Friday, I will be co-hosting (w/ Kat Popiel of On Plate, Still Hungry) a food+art party called Something I Ate over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Rouge58 Gallery and we have Root Beer Floats on the menu. As a kid, this was such a huge treat and these versions have ALCOHOL in them. We will be featuring the brand-spanking new Root by the guys who did Henrick’s Gin, Art in the Age. If any of you remember the “Greatfruit” post, then get ready. It’s making an appearance with the yummy Kanon Vodka. Also, most importantly, our very own Hotstepper will be getting us tipsy all night!

Here’s the premise: 10 artists documented 7 days of eating. They made a piece from their experience. I took all these concepts and created a menu and installation. I am SO STOKED. The menu is meat and veggie friendly. Even vegans can partake! I am part of a music collective, CGN, and my homies will be providing music all night. Tickets are $30 and you can get them at I promise, it’s gonna be an epic kick-off to spring.

If you’re in San Fran, LA, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, or South Dakota and you can’t come. Please have some root beer floats anyways. They’re easy, fun, and lovely. Chill a large glass in the freezer for a couple hours. Pour root beer in the glass halfway. Scoop vanilla ice cream in and watch it foam up. Add a splash on top of the ice cream. Shove a straw in there and suck it up! We’ll pour some out for you over in Brooklyn…Come on NYC!!!

More info here.

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