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She’s Got Sole: Nike ‘Freshwater’ Uptempo 97

Nike Freshwater Uptempo 97. I've died and gone to sneaker heaven!

Ever since I laid eyes on that minty blue hue I’ve been absolutely smitten. I first encountered the color ‘freshwater’ on an Air Max 95. They stared down at me from a shoe store wall with lust in their eyelets. I still remember the out-of-the-box smell. Too bad they were a men’s release only. Now, Nike has its chance to redeem itself.

While conducting my daily blog check, I stumbled upon these beauties. I’ve never liked the Uptempo. Until now. The grey/black/white shoe with that classy splash of freshwater had me drooling on my keyboard. I kid you not, I stared at this picture for about 10 minutes before tweeting it, posting it on Tumblr, and saving it for future sneaker lust. Unfortunately, there is no release on these babies. I’m just hoping no news is good news. Please ladies, join me in prayer. Let’s bring out soles together and hope this sneaker is a general, grade school release.

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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