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She’s Got Sole: Givenchy for Converse


Skin is in. No, not the Skinemax kind. I mean the lions, tigers, and bears kind. Oh my! Animal prints are back and they’re seizing clothing, techcessories, and now sneakers as their prey. French fashion house Givenchy has teamed up with classic sneaker company Converse to bring a gussied up Chuck Taylor high-top. Givenchy menswear designer Riccardo Tisci collaborated with the Converse crew to release a printed shoe subtle enough for ladies and guys. The mostly black sneaker features a white stripe on the rubber sole, the signature Givenchy cross on the tongue, and studs along the spine running vertically on the back of the shoe.

Now ladies, don’t rush for your purses. These limited edition kicks are a Japanese release set to drop on April 27. So unless you have a pal overseas, all you can do is admire from the web.

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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One Response to “She’s Got Sole: Givenchy for Converse”

  1. Summer says:

    Love these! I’m not a kick type girl but I love anything Converse does. And loving the animal print


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