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She’s Got Sole: Air Yeezy II Spotting!

AIr Yeezy II spotting! We told you so!

Mr. West must know I’m going through sneaker withdrawal. I scan fashion and sneaker blogs on the daily to find out what’s dropping and who’s wearing what so I can bring the info to you ladies! Let us go back a few months in the She’s Got Sole time capsule. We tipped you all off to the possibility of an Air Yeezy II. Well, Kanye has been spotted over the past couple weeks sporting a sample pair. As expected the sneaker keeps the same overall style, it’s just less bulky and has a textured heel. Nice changes Nike. The OG Yeezy resembled Napoleon Dynamite’s moon shoes in their puffy appearance. There is no release date yet, but stay tuned to SGS. We’ll keep you posted!

Image Layout: C_Rocka

Air Yeezy II Sneak Peek!

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