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She’s Crafty: DIY Crackle Nails

With the new release of the crackle effect nail polishes, I can’t blame those who have emptied their wallets to collect each color available. I mean, who doesn’t want to put a twist to their colored talons without the trouble and cost of going to a nail salon? But at the end of the day, each bottle adds up and can definitely break the bank. Here is a DIY for less the cost and very similar effect.

Materials Needed:
– paint brush
– crackle medium (available at your local craft store)
– acrylic paint
– top coat

STEP 1: With pre-base coated nails, apply your favorite nail polish shade.  Let dry.
STEP 2: Using a paintbrush, apply the crackle medium to your nails. Let dry. Make sure to clean your brush and dry with a towel.
STEP 3: Apply a layer of acrylic paint to your nails. Try to do this with quick and even strokes. Let dry. Immediately, you will see the acrylic crack.
STEP 4: When the acrylic is completely dry, apply your top clear coat to prevent chipping.

TIPS: When choosing your acrylic paint, try searching for the higher pigmented brands. I used the 99 cent kind which worked fine in darker shades but did not work as well when trying out the lighter ones (gave a highlighter pen effect). Also, before heading to your craft store, look out for discount coupons to save more money! They always accept competitor’s coupons too.

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