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Nails Did: RGB Spring 2011 Stone. Beach. Coral.

RGB Spring 2011 Presents: Stone. Beach. Coral.

Nature never looked go good! Nail care company RGB release their trifecta of Springtime lacquers in recent weeks. Stone, Beach, and Coral are direct reflections of the natural material they are named after. Stone is a creamy granite grey. Beach channels the nutty taupe of the shore. Coral is a red-orange shock of neon. In conjunction with the RGB standard, each color is ‘big 3 free,’ chip resistant, and made in the USA. Great! Now you can show off those toes in your sandals without fear! No chips or cracks here! You can purchase the seasonal colors as well as the company’s other fabulous shades for $14 a bottle at RGB online.

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One Response to “Nails Did: RGB Spring 2011 Stone. Beach. Coral.”

  1. Marla Marla says:

    Beach is hot! I’ve been trying to find polish kind of the same color of my skin :)


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