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Nails Did: Borghese Nail Care ‘Rapido Fast Dry’ Collection

Borghese Nail Care Rapido Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

As a girl on the go, I often have issues when it comes to getting my nail color changed and fully dry. On my club nights I try to rush and change my nails according to my outfit, but I always end up smudging my nail polish right before jetting out the door. Well no more! Borghese Nail Care heard my prayers and came up with a quick-dry polish formula. Not only do these twelve colors dry in a jiffy, but they also include a nail strengthening agent and Aqua di Vita complex to retain moisture. Color, moisture, and fast drying? Count me in!

Maraschino, Lira, & Rosso

The Rapido Fast Dry collection has you covered in the time department for sure. Unfortunately, sometimes fast-dry means fast wear. Nope. Not in this case. Borghese made these hues with longevity too! One application with the Duale Curve Tip brush (custom designed to follow the curve of your nail) and your decorated hands and feet are set for up to seven days! At $8 a bottle , these polishes are a steal.

Vigneto, Violetto, & Anemone

My absolute favorite part about these polishes is the fact the company kept it authentic. Each polish has an Italian inspired name since this is an Italian brand. For example, ‘marino’ means marine and ‘vigneto’ means vineyard. Now you can get your learn on while polishing your nails. Who knows? Your cute nails and choppy Italian may be enough to land you a guido. I know I’ve got my eye on that Pauly D!

Chroma, Menta, & Marino

Apparently Borghese Nail Care was founded by Princess Marcella Borghese of Italy. The aristocratic family had its own special formula for cosmetics that included fruits, flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients. The cosmetic company still sticks to those natural additives despite their global presence. Plus, they’re big 3 free. You can pick up these polishes at major retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Ulta.

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Siena, Mochaccino, & Limoncello

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3 Responses to “Nails Did: Borghese Nail Care ‘Rapido Fast Dry’ Collection”

  1. Mayette May says:

    I’m pretty impatient when it comes to drying my nails so I definitely have to give this brand of nail polish a try!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I bought my very first Borghese polish a while back and I loved it,so I’m definitely giving these a try.


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