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M.I.S.S. on the Scene: Ooh La La Networking Event in Oakland

Ooh La and fashion. Photo by Morgan Bellinger.

Ooh La and fashion. Photo by Morgan Bellinger.

When I saw the equation for the Ooh La La networking event,


I knew that it equaled me on the scene.  The combination of those four elements, plus other tantalizing variables like goody bags, a lash bar, and live blogging stations, meant that it was going to be a night full of fun and fashion.  Count me on the list, +2 please!

The focus of the event was to bring together Bay Area bloggers, designers, merchants, and more for a night of networking.  I wanted to go to represent M.I.S.S. and show the world what Oakland’s got going on.  It’s something special, trust.

After a hair appointment with my stylist (you know I had to do up my ‘do) , my ladies and I rolled up to Oakland.  With a purse full of business cards, cameras, notepads, and lip gloss, I walked up the venue in my new heels, secretly hoping that I can last all night in them.  We entered Levende East in Old Oakland, a portion of downtown with that old-town feel.  The high ceilings and long bar tables in the lounge created a great space for mingling with and admiring all of the fashion folks in the building.  We arrived fashionably late, but still had plenty of time to do what we were there for: network!

A bossanova band set the mood music for the evening, causing my hips to have an uncontrollable sway as I sashayed through the crowd to the bar.   After grabbing a drink, we went straight to the line for the lash bar.  Earlier, my friend did my make-up, but I told her not to do my lashes.  I was going for the full Ooh La La treatment.  The wait was not a problem for us, because just standing there we met so many people in passing, including blogger and photographer Jess from Stylepint and chef Lamont from East Bay Loop.  I spread the word about M.I.S.S. but also let everyone know about the other projects I’m involved with.  You gotta put yourself out there, right?

Live Bosanova set the mood

Live Bossanova set the mood

Tanya Hibbard from Cherry Glitters Makeup Studio, the same MUA from Women Enough’s Sexy Self Love Soirée, was also the lady behind the lash bar.  She greeted me with a hug and we talked for a moment, and then she sat me in the chair and got to work.  I know that some girls wear falsies on the daily, but for me, I don’t even know how to put them on myself.  Tanya had a gentle hand and even touched up my eyeliner.  Ooh la la, how I loved my lashes.  Next up is my close up!

Tanya applying lashes on my friend, Rockezi.  Photo by TrendOne.

Tanya applying lashes on my friend, Rockezi. Photo by TRENDone Jeff.

Every fashion event needs photographers to capture the looks of the crowd.  In one area, a light was set up and I stepped up to strike a pose.  Photographers Becky and Myles made me feel like a model!  The hair was done and make-up was right, my lace print dress and puffy sleeves made a statement, and the heels did not kill me, because I sure was killin’ em.  I felt fabulous, and it seemed like everyone else felt just as fly.  All of the smiles completely complimented their fits and it made me recognize even more that Oakland is where it’s at.  The people just shine so much in their own ways, it’s completely inspiring!

Michelle Fetsch from Women Enough, Pam Neher from La La Valentine, and Artiffact from M.I.S.S.

Michelle Fetsch from Women Enough, Pam Neher from La La Valentine, and Artiffact from M.I.S.S.

Although I was late, Pam of La La Valentine kindly saved me an Eco Bling goody bag.  I’m so thankful for that because this bag was packed full of treasures: discounts from local salons, samples of hair products, jewelry from Silver Moon, a mini nail polish (which I’ll use for M.I.S.S. Mani Mondays!), and one lucky bag even had a certificate for a free pair of designer shoes from UpHeels!  I didn’t win the shoes, but I did feel like a winner with a full bar of artisan chocolate from Jade Chocolates.  This bag was hooked up!

Goody bag full of goodies...including nail polish and chocolate!

Goody bag full of goodies...including nail polish and chocolate!

I didn’t have a moment to break away from the real world to step into the live blog station, but other people sat at the laptops to update their facebook status, send a tweet, or blog.  That was such a great idea, but for me, I need to live it up before I can blog live.  We ended up staying past the event’s end, still making connections, passing out  and collecting business cards  (and Tanya was still putting on lashes)!

Major props to La La Valentine and East Bay Loop for organizing such a successful night.  I hope to see more fashion and networking events like this coming out of Oakland.

For more photos, check out La La Valentine.  There, you can even view the slideshow of blog images and looks.  See if you can spot M.I.S.S. in the mix!

Ooh La La Networking Event

Ooh La La Networking Event

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