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M.I.S.S. Muses: Good in a World of Chaos

With all going on in the world today, it’s natural for the mind to go to all the negative rather than pull out any positive. It seems even the newscasts can’t even keep up with all the devastation going on, with reports jumping between updates on political revolution and the latest in natural disaster effects. But even amidst all the heartbreak and negativity going on, if you look closely, there are pieces of good that can be taken from recent world events.

It’s disheartening to keep up with and listen to the news these days. People are dying. Nations are fighting their own people. Mother Nature proves she is a force we can’t defeat. The effects of revolution and natural disaster ripple into displaced people and devastating living conditions. Anyone paying attention to current events in the world can easily become depressed.

However, if you look at the people who are fighting fights for something better, there is something very heartening and uplifting in the face of so much disaster. People are reaching out to those less fortunate. Neighbors are protecting neighbors and the better equipped look to shield the less able or healthy. People who have lost everything keep going with admirable spirit and perseverance, setting an example for those of us who aren’t in such circumstances. If you are feeling down or defeated, take a look at those who are fighting for what they believe in, their loved ones, and their lives. Take a cue from those whose worlds are flipped upside down and appreciate your own life and all the benefits we have at hand now. If we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that the good things we have aren’t guaranteed.

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