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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Plan a Getaway

Sometimes, we all need to get away. A little vacation can be good for our sanity and a chance to take a break from our norm. The next time you’re ready to check out from the daily grind and check into a getaway spot, consider these tips no matter what your budget.

1) Know where to go. Start planning now for destinations you might want to visit and research airfare and accommodations. Get on a website like Trip Advisor to hear what other travelers have to say about cities, destinations, hotels, etc. You may find a place to jet to you hadn’t thought of or an alternate place to sleep that works for your needs.

2) Stay alert. Set travel alerts on a website like Kayak to monitor costs without stalking the sites with your search. Have the alerts emailed to you so you know when prices drop or otherwise change for the cities you’re interested in.

3) Get into packages. Even if you’re a savvy planner who can get it all together herself, take a peek at  packages offered by travel agencies and sites. Some bundles through Jet Blue Getaways and others can save you time and energy getting the travel + accommodations together. Plus, you may find something in your budget you hadn’t previously considered.

4) Keep an open mind. Have your heart set on laying on a beach in the Caribbean? If getting out there doesn’t work in what you can afford in time or money, consider finding a beach closer to home. Even if it’s not your first choice, other alternatives can give you a change of scenery without breaking your bank or using too many vacation days.

5) Stay sane. If you need to get away pronto and/or can’t find something that works for you when you need it, try a staycation. You can check out of normal life and into a spot in your neck of the woods so you’re away without having to go too far. Look for last-minute deals on Priceline and Hotwire to try a high star hotel just minutes away. Turn off the phone, pamper yourself a bit, and get rejuvenated!

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