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M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Blaqstarr – The Mixtape

M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Blaqstarr - The Mixtape

Baltimore-area producer, DJ and N.E.E.T. recording artist Blaqstarr recently unleashed his newest project entitled, Blaqstarr – The Mixtape.  The jam packed follow-up from his The Divine EP gives listeners a definitive look at Blaqstarr’s past, present and future. After one listen of the mixtape in its entirety, it’s very clear to see why M.I.A. signed the promising young star.  His sound is unique, fresh, and insanely futuristic!  By combining the club sounds of his native Baltimore and dance music from all around the globe, Blaqstarr is proving that he is indeed on the forefront music entertainment.

The star-studded lineup on Blaqqstar – The Mixtape is reason in itself to check out the new project. The mix features contributions from M.I.A., Diplo, Flosstradamus, Rye Rye, Shanell, and many more. Blaqstarr even teams up with the members of Black Star (Talib Kweli and Mos Def) on two separate tracks.  While some say that Blaqstarr’s sound has changed, I personally think that it has evolved.  This mixtape is evidence of that.  Fans of his old school material will probably be dawn to tracks like “Handstand” and the Lil’ Wayne collaboration “Tote It.” While all the songs are great, my personal favorite would have to be “Never Hesitant.” Blaqstarr truly shines on this mixtape! For the price of your email, I highly suggest that you download it immediately. You can check out download link the track list below!

01 Block Rockin Beats

02 Handstand

03 Never Hesitant [ft. M.I.A.]

04 Get Off [ft. Diplo]

05 Tween Me and You [ft. Nadastrom]

06 Hold On

07 Take Me High

08 War of Roses [ft. Talib Kweli]

09 You Know I’m No Good

10 Rain Came Into My House

11 Viktim of Society

12 Set It Off Remix

13 Coming Home

14 Tote It 2

15 Big Bills [ft. Flosstradamus and Caroline Polachek]

16 Shower Freestyle

17 Kandle Light and Roses [ft. Shanell]

18 Control Freak [ft. Steve Aoki]

19 Xtraordinary

20 Suck on My Kiss

21 Meet Me Half Way

22 Teardrop Shorty

23 Lullaby

24 Kiss Me on My Lips [ft. Mos Def]

25 Get Up [ft. Rye Rye

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