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Insight Spring 2011

Summer is approaching with a steady pace, and what better way to celebrate the season than by purchasing some new bikinis  in the spring? The Insight Swim Spring 2010/2011 collection is surely a reason to rejoice in itself. But women shall not live by bikinis alone; Insight has also graced us with a vibrant women’s wear Spring collection that just screams “party” of the grunge variety.

Jean shorts, cropped shirts, skin-tight and flowy dresses are to be expected from this line. The theme is evidently “skin”, however there is also a gorgeous red maxi dress for the meek in dress. Going through the lookbook, so many items can be paired together to create different looks. You can go for the more flirty, cute kind of style, delve wholeheartedly into the rock & roll vibe  or even capture the best of both worlds.

Now, the bikinis are mostly patterned pieces that catch your eye. Also featured are sexy one-pieces adorned with strings or with a 1950s flair to them. Regardless of the inspiration, these pieces are sure to make you stand out at the beach or at a party.

For more information on this line visit the Insight website.

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