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Insight First LA Concept Store Opening

Insight 51 Concept Store in Venice, CA

This past weekend Venice Beach was buzzing with word of the surf brand Insight’s first US store opening. Being that Venice is home to some of the top surfers, artists and musicians in the world, the brand is very well known and respected there. I guess the feeling is mutual for Insight! The store is part gallery, part lounge and offers all the newest threads from the Insight 51 women’s and men’s collections. The crowd, as expected was a mix of fashion taste makers, international playboys, Japanese business moguls, models and musicians. And while that sounds scary and very intimating, when these people are brought together by the power of insight (especially less than 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean) the vibe is chill, relaxed and care free!

Insight’s Concept Space is situated on Windward Circle, a stroll away from the Venice Beach Skate Park, the breakwater and the iconic Abbot Kinney. Right on the corner of Venice Blvd, the store front has huge windows that walking by make it impossible to ignore. I learned from the cast of characters that the store/art gallery will also act as a PR showcase room and every brick was laid by hand, amongst other things!

Concept by Insight’s Creative Director, Steve Gorrow, and design build brought to life by Peter Wilday, the space provides a platform to showcase the brand in its entirety and better still, raises the curtains to wandering eyes, giving consumers a glimpse into the creative vibrancy that defines the very essence of the Insight brand.

Some things to expect from the concept space include live performances and installations in what Insight is coining their “Garage Artist Program.” The provocative photos from Mike Piscitelli are currently on display as a part of the program and should stay up for a while.

Between looking at Mike Piscitelli’s work, the new summer line, and watching Dahga Bloom rock out, I hardly had time to drink my free PBR! The Insight crew never disappoints when it comes to a party and from what I saw not when it comes to a store front either!

Be sure to make your way out to Venice soon Los Angelenos  –  1501 Main Street, Venice, California 90291. For updates on the store and brand follow Insight on twitter @insightfiftyone and online at their website.

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