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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 7

It’s Friday and that means two things:  no work tomorrow and it’s time to check the Friday Favorites where @MissOmniMedia followers show us how they got their nails did for #ManiMonday. This week’s entries were sent by the dozen! Took us long and hard to narrow them down to our top favorties. Who do you think rocked theirs best?

Nails dipped in sauce. Submitted by the ladies of @dmpcdesigns nails did by @astrowifey

@eileenconway keeps hers fully laced, short and classy

Got her daily dose of fruit intake all at the tip of her fingertips @mamajelly

For the love of Andy Warhol and all things pop art. Facebook entry from Pattycake Nailtech

@Sweetbabytee got her pronails did up and ready for Easter

We love the pinks and blacks with a side of zig zags from Maylene on Facebook.

Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to not only follow us but to also send in Twitpics of your nails every Monday with #ManiMonday. Until next week, keep them nails dipped and dapper and you might just catch them on our site!

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3 Responses to “Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 7”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    HANDS DOWN Pattycake Nailtech has the BEST set!

  2. Hearts says:


  3. Ana Ana says:

    Gotta agree with C_Rocka that Warhol set by Pattycake Nailtech killed ’em this week!


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