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Fashion Meets Film: Overboard

Queen Goldie

Ah! It’s time to shake off the dust and cobwebs that have collected in my bones. Spring is officially here! It might not look like it here in Seattle but it is indeed spring. Time to shove all my winter wear and go full bloom with all new bright colors. In fact, this spring I might go a bit “Overboard.”

A dream closet.

Oh sweet and angelic Goldie Hawn; she’s the prefect spring icon. And she shines in the 1980’s romantic comedy “Overboard” with her partner Kurt Russell. This goofball movie tells what happens when a spoiled rich brat who has never lifted a finger in her life falls off her boat, gets amnesia, and her ex-carpenter Dean (Russell) decides to use the situation to teach her a lesson.

Closet freaks or a lover's nest.

Kurt the dream boat

The coolest thing about this movie (other than Goldie and Kurt’s natural chemistry) is how Goldie’s fashion comes from two different worlds: her fantastic over-the-top life where she was Joan and her humble trailer-park-queen life where she was known as Annie.

First she starts with a BANG! In loud, bright, bejeweled and sequined bathing suits. That’s right…bathing suits. And her sunglasses are brighter than the sun and done in wild retro shapes and deigns. This movie also reminds me that I need to start wearing big floppy hats because: 1. They’ll protect me from the sun if it ever comes out, and 2. Goldie made them look so cool.

Classy Glasses

But don’t think that when she temporarily loses her memory and her money, she also loses her sense of style. No chance! You sense of style- is something that, like riding a bike or doing a cartwheel, you never forget.

Home Grown Annie.

Even though she is forced to live the life of a second-hand beauty as Annie, she still pulls it all together. She mixes it up beautifully in her pigtail braids with checkered tablecloth shirts and jean skirts, and she wears an oversized men’s white shirt like a ball gown.

A lovers fight in the best attire.

Goldie, Joan, Anne (whatever her name is!) isn’t the only one who has some fashion fun. Dean is a hardbody working man with the muscles, wife beaters, flannel and sweat to prove it.

Moonlight makes everything beautiful.

So whether you’re a glitter ball-gown wearing Joan or more of a simple and sweet Annie, never forget the most important rule: Make it work!

Bell of the ball.

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