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Fashion Meets Film: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth was never shy when it came to fashion.

She has been a lost little girl, a shrew, a lovesick ruler, a Flintstone, a widower (numerous times), and a call girl/model trying to make it big in the big city. She was lucky, talented, breathtaking, a spirited woman. She will always be Elizabeth Taylor.

The life of a movie star is a very strange thing, something that seems so surreal and distant. And in a day and age where nearly anyone can be a celebrity for any reason, it’s almost a foreign concept to think that at one time, people were actually worshipped for their talent as well as their personal lives. Elizabeth Taylor was one of those.

Elizabeth may not be the ideal role model with it comes to her personal life. She had plenty of demons and dark moments. And everything she did was blown out of proportion. But even when things got bad, Elizabeth always managed to carry herself like a great lady.

Like many women of her time, she learned to tame her sex appeal and use it to her advantage. Taylor was a woman with curves, class, and style. Everything about her was iconic: her luscious black hair, her piercing eyes, her angelic smile.

Those eyes.

With each role she embodied she created a fashion craze. There is the Giant look, a Texas southern bell lost in the lust of a love triangle; a bonnet has never looked so good on anyone. Her simple white gauze button-up shirts reflect the dry, dusty, and vast Texas dessert.

That's Queen Elizabeth Taylor to you.

Then there was almighty Cleopatra. Although Elizabeth wasn’t even close to the age of Cleopatra (who was 16!), she made the story believable and mesmerizing to watch. I love the cat’s-eye make up and that amazing snake coiling though her hair. And I don’t care what anyone says, Elizabeth made biceps bracelets cool way before Christina and Britney did.

But it wasn’t just what she wore in character or on set that made Elizabeth the skyrocket of fashion icons. During her endless parade from one red carpet to another, she was one of the main poster children of the Golden Age of Hollywood. So if you need a shot of glamour, find yourself a long elegant sweetheart dresses or go simple on the gown but drape yourself with oversized rich-colored jewelry. Either way, you’ll make Mrs. Taylor proud. And if you are going to be a true Elizabeth Taylor fan, you must never leave the house without your lipstick, your best shoes, and your confidence.

Elegance has never looked this good.

And don’t forget that she was also a groundbreaking businesswoman and activist. She was one of the first celebrities to market her own image with a signature perfume and she put her celebrity power to work helping causes like HIV awareness. Her special combination of courage, style, intelligence and beauty will live on forever.

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