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Fashion Meets Film: Amelie

Amelie & her box of surprises.

I travel a lot for work and spoken-word competitions. So I spend a lot of time in airplanes, waiting at gates for hours on layovers, killing time. And what better way to do this than by watching a movie on Netflix instant queue? Since I hate everything about flying and airports, I need a movie that will take me somewhere where there is no such thing as airsickness. A movie like Amelie. Sweet, sweet Amelie.

Amelie trying to remind her father to live!

This beautiful French film is a tour de force of charm and fantasy! I think it’s a masterpiece from the lighting and set design to the writing and the fabulous costumes. Amelie is a reminder that life is indeed a play and we are all characters.

The glow of a movie screen or a natural glow.

Amelie tells the story about a young French woman (played by Audrey Tautou) who loves love and adventures, especially if they involve quests for freedom and justice. But she spends so much of her own time making others happy, she forgets about her own happiness. But over time she does find it. And more.

This movie is a poem filled with quirky moments, fantastic fairy-tale writing, quirky human relationships and breathtaking performances. Almost from the first second we are swept off our feet by all the tiny details that seem to prove that from birth to death, life is a never-ending Ferris wheel of events. Amelie is the centerpiece of all this movement and she’s the safety net we fall back on when we find ourselves lost in the bigger puzzle of this movie.

The friendships she makes.

Amelie the spy!

Amelie is a child at heart. She collections people like stamps and keeps tabs on their odd habits, introducing them to us by using what first seem like mundane details but after a while, tell us so much.

She is usually dressed like a child but in a subtle way, in baby-doll dresses, polka dot tank tops, and bright cotton cardigans. Her face, a beautiful milky canvas, is round and smooth, like a baby. She emits a natural glow, which suits her childlike nature.

Her job and the beautiful people that work there.

Color plays an important part in this film and it’s used to define the characters. Amelie is usually dressed in bright and lively shades of green and red. Amelie’s father is a well-tailored man, whose suits tell us that he needs a few life-changing adventures. Her co-workers are a buffet of timidly dressed middle age woman, comfy but fragile in their layers of garments. And her love interest, Nino, is a French boy in Converse kicks and skinny jeans, hiding a heavy heart under an optimistic crinkly smile that would…

The power of the rich, dark tones of red & green.

But my flight is finally here! And even though I am wearing tired sweats and an ill-fitting shirt, with my hear knotted in a messy bun, I feel beautiful, like I’m emitting my own special glow. Watching Amelie, even for a while, took me on a journey to a magical place full of wild possibilities. And I never even had to leave my gate.

She is cute and lovely in all her childish attire.

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2 Responses to “Fashion Meets Film: Amelie”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    Seriously need to actually play this on netfilx. Thank’s Roseatta Stone for the lovely write-up feature on the flick that has only convinced me even more so to watch it.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Sadly, Amelie removed from Instant Queue!


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