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Ears to the Street: Summer’s Jewelry Trends

Left to right: nitro:licious blogger Wendy Lam; Forever 21's necklace; Wendy's rings (top); stylist Amy Nicole Bernstein

After a long, arduous winter, there’s nothing like the warmth of summer… and while we love that the warmer temperatures call for less articles of clothing, it does mean you need to get creative when it comes to adding flare to your get-ups. The easiest way to do so: accessories! But Summer ’11’s add-ons aren’t subtle, ladies. We’re not talking simple silver chains with one or two charms (although timeless, we can’t knock ’em) – we’re discussing bold, statement pieces… and lots of them!

OK, we know that it’s a general rule to add one statement piece to an outfit and let it stand out. But rules were made to be broken, and we all know this. Take, for example, one of our fave lady bloggers out there – Wendy Lam of nitro:licious. We love Wendy’s urban chic style but we especially love the fact that she shamelessly piles on tons of rings – genius! Normally, we’d think this look was overkill but paired with her boho hat and red leather pants (drool!), Wendy’s outfit calls attention without being tacky.

Left to right: Shots from Luv Aj's new lookbook; Pamela Love cuffs (bottom right)

Refinery29 recently sat down with LA-based stylist Amy Nicole Bernstein to discuss – what else? – her own fashion and style. In the very first segment of the interview, Berstein gushes that she’s loving “heavy metal jewelry” from Luv Aj – a brand she counts as one of her faves. We have to admit, we’re loving the chunky, hippie-esque pieces from Luv Aj too! The brand’s chain-link bracelet is totally lustworthy. You can check out the entire Luv Aj Spring 2011 look book online.

What’s great about bold, statement jewelry is that you don’t need to invest a ton of your paycheck to amass some fab pieces. You can easily hit up Forever 21, Topshop and Target to grab some pieces you’re sure to use throughout the summer. Consider Forever 21’s Chain Statement Necklace ($10.80) or Topshop’s Crocodile Double Finger Ring ($30). If you’ve got the funds to spend, consider Brooklyn-based It-girl designer Pamela Love‘s jewelry line. Love’s animal-inspired pieces have earned her a global following, and it’s not hard to see why. Her jewelry is unlike anything many of us have seen before, and even fewer of us would have thought to turn a claw into a bracelet. Either way, we love this fresh take on a jewelry line.

The possibilities are literally endless on this one, and our favorite part is that this trend allows for a lot of freedom and for each individual to mix in an element of her personality.

Images via nitro:licious, Refinery29, Luv Aj

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2 Responses to “Ears to the Street: Summer’s Jewelry Trends”

  1. Miss.Summer Miss.Summer says:

    LOVING these looks. I was luckily enough to inherit all of my grandma’s jewelry when she passed away and she has some amazing rings. Nice to know it’s hip to wear them all at once now :)

  2. Mayette May says:

    LOVEEEE that crystal choker!


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