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Women Making History: Sam Kim

Women Making History: Sam Kim

Women Making History: Sam Kim

Whether she’s whipping up a batch of s’mores or making homemade chai tea, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sam Kim knows her way around the kitchen. In addition to writing a bi-weekly recipe column for M.I.S.S. entitled, “Skimkim Yummies”, she also the founder and one-woman army behind Skimkim Foods.

Since its operation in 2006, Skimkim has produced delightful and delicious packaged goods using local and seasonal ingredients. By utilizing flavors from The South, Korea, Scotland, & Ireland, her unique combinations result in interesting and tasty dishes. In addition to Skimkim’s packaged goods, she’s also the author behind the hilarious blog found on its site. She’s famous for her “Skimchee,” which is her version of a traditional fermented Korean dish and she also makes a mean “Bloody Kim Jong-il Mix” that she named after the infamous dictator. With everything that Sam Kim does, it’s very clear that she puts a little of her wit and heart into it as well.

Skimkim Foods

As most chefs do, Sam Kim started cooking at an early age. While most of us were out riding our bikes or watching cartoons in grade school, Kim was probably in the kitchen laying down the foundation to one of her many culinary masterpieces. She tried her hand at fashion and advertising, but found Skimkim to be the most rewarding career choice.

Let’s take a peek inside Sam Kim’s head and see what’s cooking!

Sam Kim tackles the M.I.S.S. survey!

M.I.S.S.: What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

My aunt Ann up in Alaska. She was with my uncle Brian, lived with us when we were kids, had 4 baby boys and we tragically lost Brian a couple years ago. She’s loving, strong, funny, beautiful, & realistic.

M.I.S.S.: How did you get your start as a chef?

Been cooking since elementary school, quit advertising and fell into this as a result of a “I’m fed up, let’s do something” convo. My best friend, a chef, and I wanted to open a resto. I started out catering.

M.I.S.S.: What’s your favorite dish that you’ve created?

“Better Than Your Mama’s Greens.” My cocktails are the jam!

Sam Kim gets busy in the kitchen!

M.I.S.S.: Who do you want to work with?

Everyone is attainable. I don’t think like that.

M.I.S.S.: What part of cooking is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

Most challenging: the physical demands it puts on ones body, standing, and heavy lifting. Dislike: NY State’s obsolete and gratuitous regulations, enforced purely to make money.

M.I.S.S.: Any advice for ladies who are just starting out as chefs?

You don’t need to be a bitch, you need to be strong. You don’t need to be better than the guys you just need to be better.

Is anyone else hungry?  Thanks Sam Kim for making your mark on the world!

For more information on Sam Kim and Skimkim foods, be sure to visit the following links:


And, if you’re in NY you can hear Sam DJ.  She has a Wednesday residency at Lucky Strike in Soho and every other Tuesday at Schiller’s in the LES.  Tonight, she’s spinning with her twin, Jules of BijulesNYC at Pyramid in the East Village.

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  1. So awesome to learn more about Sam! An awesome woman making history indeed.

  2. Valerie Valerie says:

    804!! Sam Kim’s representing my hometown! It’s no wonder she can get down in the kitchen! 😉


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