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Twisted Sista For Curl Girls

I have naturally curly hair and when I was growing up, I always wanted straight hair. It’s only been as an adult that I’ve appreciated my hair and how different it is – even if it can have its own personality most of the time. Maybe I would have been ok with my curls as a kid if there were hair products created for hair like mine. Straight outta London, Twisted Sista by Urban Therapy is a new (for us in the U.S.) hair care line for curly or straight hair. When I heard that it was strong enough for my curls, I had to try it out. Urban Therapy sent me some samples and I went and did my hair.

I received four products: Curl Activator (hair moisturizer), 30 Second Curls Spray (curl booster), Blow Dry Creme (protects from heat) and Different Strokes Serum (eliminates frizz). I used the products in combination and tried out 2 styles – curly and straight. When I left my hair curly I used the Curl Activator and the 30 Second Curls Spray. I thought that the results were great. I let my hair dry naturally (as I normally do) and my curls were well defined and had minimal frizz (it’s NEVER at 0). Not bad for the Bay Area where there’s tons of moisture in the air! I was happy with the results so I tried a blowout.

For the blowout, I used the Blow Dry Creme and the Different Strokes Serum. The Blow Dry Creme added a layer of protection to my hair from the high heat of the hairdryer and flat iron. I love Serums and the Different Strokes Serum was great – it added shine and helped maintain my blowout for 4 days.

I thought the Twisted Sista products were great. Since my hair is curly, it looks really thick but I secretly have fine hair (an exception for curly girls) so I felt some of the products were a bit heavy for my hair. I think that was due to a combination of my fine hair and I also may have applied the product liberally since it was my first time using it. I would still use it again, I would just use a bit less – a little bit goes a long way – not a bad thing for hair products! And the Twisted Sista products are totally affordable and easy to get. Ranging from $4.49 to $4.99, you can get the Twisted Sista range at Walgreens.

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