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The Beauty Link List: 03.17.11

♥♥ Harry Potter’s Emma Watson will be the new face of Lancome. According to reports, the actress is “contractually obligated” by the cosmetics company to keep a cropped coiffure.

♥♥ Karl Lagerfeld lent his skills to hair care giant, Schwarzkopf. The Schwarzkopf Lightbox by Karl Lagerfeld (opening April 16th), houses a salon, cafe, and shop. In addition to Berlin, the temporary space will make an appearance in Milan and Paris.

♥♥ Kiss Premium False Eyelashes With Applicator Strings have hit shelves at Walgreens. The lashes promise a perfect application each time, with detachable strings that slide out of the falsie upon placement.

♥♥ MAC artist, Charlotte Tilbury created fake freckles for Chloe’s Fall 2011 show. Models showcased “angel kisses” made from Cork and Stone lip pencils, as well as caked on top and bottom lashes.

♥♥ Summer months can mean major makeup meltdown if you don’t have the proper tools. Unlike many makeup setting sprays (which can be pricey), Makeup Mist & Set from E.L.F. comes with a more than fair price tag of just $3.

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  1. jsica Jessica says:

    I love Emma! <3 I actually talked about this on Monday as my hot topic to my class. My teacher has no clue who Emma Watson is -__- But I love Harry Potter and I never really tried Lancome and now I want to. I think this is great because the people who grew up with Harry Potter are getting to that age where the want to wear make-up or whatnot. Loveeeee this post!


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