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She’s Got Sole: Vans Authentic Lo Pro Leopard & Zebra

I am woman, hear me (and my feet) roar!

Animal prints and a female’s closet had always gone hand-in-hand. Its as timeless of a combination as PB & J. Now, Vans is allowing the ladies to release the beast on their feet. They’re releasing their most classic silhouette in Leopard and Zebra print. The Vans Authentic Lo is the perfect summertime shoe. It’s comfy, simple, and versatile. Its my go-to shoe for the warmer months because of the array of colors you can cop and the light weight of the sneaker. Solids are normally the direction Vans go, but this year’s prints are straight off the African grasslands.

The duo features the standard Vans vulcanized rubber sole in black with metal eyelets and wide laces. The leopard print resembles the land animal down to the last spot, while the zebra pattern is a black and grey play on the animal’s stripes. The sneakers are now available at Vans retailers.

I’ve saw theses in person and actually copped my own pair. I LOVE them! Well worth the wait and the search. Plus, they’re the same price as all the other Authentic Los which is around $45. Get a pair? Let us know! We want to see who has sole.

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3 Responses to “She’s Got Sole: Vans Authentic Lo Pro Leopard & Zebra”

  1. jsica Jessica says:

    I’ve always been more of a zebra fan but I haven’t really bought anything animal print except from VS bra, lol.

  2. amber says:

    Love the leopard one! Soooo adorable I am getting me a pair asap! To bad I can’t wear kicks to work.

  3. andrea says:

    I want the leopard ones SO BAD! Can’t find them anywhere though…help?


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