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Nails Did: The New Frenchie

The new French tip wave is here. I’m tired of seeing the same old French and color tips it’s just plain boring and I think it’s the cheapest look to get, I mean if your doing tips on all fingers that is. The new French tip that I’ve been seeing lately are more elegant and a different approach to your normal day to day frenchie.

Well almond tips and half moon manicures are here! This new look redefines the French manicure and leaves your nails fun modern and natural. Half moon nails have been here since the 80’s but along with many other things it’s back on the come up. Personally I prefer this new half moon trend you can switch it up with different colors to keep it looking fresh. And if you have long nails or artificial nails almond tips are the new route. Your nails automatically look sleeker and sophisticated all with one simple design and shape.

Minx have also been looking to redefine the French with a natural look half moon Gold Lighting sets setting a reverse French manicure effect. Also CND was setting the trend on New York Fashion week runways for Fall 2011 when most designers opted for the almond French look. So look out for this at your local salon or do it yourself!

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One Response to “Nails Did: The New Frenchie”

  1. Sistargirl Leilanie says:

    I love this do! Especially with long pointed nails with the dark polish on top cuticles. Instant *RAWR* effect. lol


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