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Nails Did: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen has really stepped up their game lately they are no longer your average supermarket nail brand. Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects are the newest accessory to your nails bringing you a whole ‘nother aspect to the nail biz. The strips wear like polish because it is real nail polish! These nail stickers give you up to a 10-day manicure free from chipping and fading. With Salon Effects application is simple it gives you instant graphics and nail design right on to your finger tips, Beats having to draw on cheetah print on nails when you’re not an “artist”. Bold colors, glitter, and fashionable prints is what you’ll inside the box.

Manicure to come soon. I went to the store and they were all sold out, Crazy so get yours now they retail for 8.99 so get your colors while you can or at least where you can find them :)

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4 Responses to “Nails Did: Sally Hansen Salon Effects”

  1. Marla Marla says:

    I’m still trying to get these! Everytime I go to the store to buy them, they only have the plain colors left :(

  2. Has anyone tried how well these actually work? I finally found a store that wasn’t out of stock, but my friend convinced me not to buy them as she said there was too much work involved for a mani that would easily peel off.

  3. Lila Robles Atriskliz says:

    Actually this is one of the easiest mani’s to get. It might peel start to peel off after 5 days & you can’t beat the designs

  4. Jaimie C says:

    I’ve used these a couple of times & it depends on the style and how on target you are with the directions.

    I used the sparkle glamour one and that lasted a good 10 days free of shipping ( i assume beccause glitter sticks to your nails like tomorrow)

    I used the cheetah print, nooot so long..

    Not too hard once you get the use of it, I recommend it if you want a flawless detailed design


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