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Nails Did: Nail Charms Too Old School?

Recently I went to the nail supply store, which is like hell sometimes-long lines, and boxes and boxes stacked over product. So I was trying to search for different kinds of stuff the bigger rhinestones, pearls, and what did I find.. NAIL CHARMS. This place had so much back stock they must have had it since the early 90’s because I haven’t seen this on anyone as of late. Even when I pull them out I got comments like “oh are those coming back?” In my head I replied “yes b**** don’t you know?” but then I asked myself are nail charms too old school? The answer is HELL NO!

Once my mind was made up I was buying charms I was specifically looking for the chain that attaches from one finger usually to the thumb. I could not find it but it’s not too practical either I mean unless you want two broken nails, which is what usually happens. So I settled with the small dangles. I bought the hole puncher, which looks like a little screwdriver and the caps and charms. I felt like a serious handyman.

After I decided where I was going to place my nail charms I made the holes and began painting. Attaching and making the hole was actually pretty easy the hardest part was attaching the backings to the nail charm (I ended up losing one because they’re so small). The manicure itself will last a while but I would advise this isn’t for the 9 to 5 more of that I don’t even need a day job kind of manicure.

How To Apply a Nail Dangle

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2 Responses to “Nails Did: Nail Charms Too Old School?”

  1. ashley sade says:

    Those look dope! Which supply store do u go to?

  2. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    NAIL DANGLES FTW! Trying so hard to keep my pink nail growing so I can punch a hole in it. Nail charms are too underrated.


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