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Mirror, Mirror: Love and Basketball

Mother and Daughter on the Court

Mother and Daughter on the Court

Basketball has always been a time for bonding with my daughter.  Since Kindergarten, she’s been on a basketball league with me as her coach.  She acquired some skills, but at that young age, the leagues were all about fun, and not necessarily about the rules.  We didn’t do basketball drills; we played Duck Duck Goose and Hot Potato.  I coached the team in basic skills and teamwork,  and every time there was a travel or double dribble during a game, we’d hold the whistle.

But those days are over, because once your kid gets older, the more competitive it gets.  After 4 years in that league, she topped off the age limit.  We took a year off from basketball, and just recently signed my girl up for a city league sponsored by our local NBA team, the Warriors.  She’s doing the same drills I did in school, and has even played a few games.  Although she’s had some amazing plays, I wanted her to actually see how the pros do it.  I was no longer her coach, but I still wanted to coach her.

I saw a Groupon deal for a Warriors game, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show her what a pump fake should really look like.  Since we were going to a game, we had to get decked out to represent our home team.

The strange thing is, every Warriors game I’ve attended, it seems that other women’s idea of proper fashion attire for a basketball game does not fall in line with mine.  I’ve played on basketball teams before, coached my kid, so I immediately associate basketball with sneakers and a more casual, comfortable vibe.  You feel me?  But for some reason, many ladies did not get that memo, and instead come to the games decked out like it’s a fashion show in the highest heels they own.

I do not understand this trend for two reasons:

1)  Going to a basketball game usually requires extensive walking.  Walking from the huge parking lot or transit center.  Walking around the stadium.  Walking up and down stairs to the seats.  Climbing over other people to get to the seats.  Why would you want to wear heels in this environment?

2)  Going to a basketball game usually involves watching the game, picking a team, and rooting for their win.  Basketball is a sport.  The players push themselves to the limit….while wearing basketball shoes.  Why would you wear something so fancy to a sporting event?

Representing the City by the Bay

Representing the City by the Bay

To make sure we were on point, my daughter and I rocked home team gear along with some of our signature favorites to make us stand out from the fans.

On Jada

On Jada

On Jada:
Top: Reversible Warriors jersey, from her basketball league
Pants: Levi’s Skinny Jeans, from Ross
Beanie: Her current everyday beanie that was a gift, from me
Shoes: Jordan XIII (White/Pink), from a birthday gift

On me

On me

On me:
Sweater: The City Warriors hoodie, from my brother’s closet
Jersey: Throwback Warriors jersey, from 1994
Jeans:  Some cheap pair from Nordstrom Rack
Fanny pack: Claw Money x Boosted Fanny Pack

No Heels Required to Be a Lady: M.I.S.S. x MAMA “ALWAYS A LADY” ADIDAS FINA

No Heels Required to Be a Lady: M.I.S.S. x MAMA “ALWAYS A LADY” ADIDAS FINA

Just because its a ball game, and I’m anti-heels there doesn’t mean I don’t like to be sexy, and these shoes were the sexiest out of all the heels there!  These were the perfect kicks to kick it it before, and after, the game.  We got a chance to shoot a free throw on the court, which is quite a big deal.  I mean, the pros were just on that same court minutes ago!

Jada swooshed her first free throw in, and I screamed out her name like the proud mama I am.  The line of adults in front of her bricked, and my big baby girl just made it, winning herself another free throw.  Unfortunately, she missed her second shot.  I stepped up to the line, squared up, and bricked like the rest of them.  But it didn’t matter to me, because my girl made a basket, on the Warriors basketball court, and that was enough to make me happy, not only as her coach, but as her mother.  And at least we looked good doing it!

Image layouts by C-Rocka.

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8 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Love and Basketball”

  1. breakthatbread Sha says:

    Tiff, this is adorable! It always helps that you can enjoy things with your daughter! xo

  2. Ray says:

    I like your jersey and those shoes are practical and stylish!

  3. Ash S Ash S says:

    Great story.. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree on the shoes choice for basketball games.. I never understood the whole high heels deal.. much more comfortable to throw on a pair of sneakers and enjoy the game!

  4. artiffact artiffact says:

    I’m so glad you understand! Who’s your team?

  5. Ash S Ash S says:

    The Celtics.. Ray Allen will always have my heart.

  6. jsica Jessica says:

    Enjoyed reading this. I agree with the heels thing. I never really thought about it though whenever I see paparazzi pictures of Beyoncé with Jay on floor seats because I’m too busy admiring her 5″ Christian Louboutins rather than where she’s at while wearing them. I don’t even know how she gets around the stadium with those beauties out but I rather wear Louboutins to a special occasion that requires dressing up. But she’s a celeb, and she probably never has to get up during games. And just a part of her daily wardrobe.

    And I couldn’t help but notice after reading a trend on feather extensions, I noticed that your daughter and you have feather extensions! They look really good!

  7. Valerie Valerie says:

    Love the fanny pack and the kicks! Your daughter is adorable!

  8. Marla Marla says:

    Love it :) It’s actually really funny seeing chicks in their club outfits at the games!


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