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SP 2011 Part I, The Plastics

From the moment she hit the scene Melody Ehsani has enjoyed a huge following, including celebrity patrons like Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys, Lupe Fiasco, and Rihanna. Her unconventional jewelery is often featured in music videos and photo shoots. Last Fall Melody moved away from her standard plastic and Swarovski medium and dropped her first metal creation, the “Armor-dillo” ring.

SP 2011 Part II, M.E. Studio Collection

This spring Ehsani is giving us a two part collection. Part I, The Plastics, ranging from $40 to $150. Different from her comic book and 80’s inspired plastic collections Melody has previously done, the new plastic collection includes vampire lips, graphic shapes and tribal inspired pieces. Part II M.E. Studio, is a limited edition high end collection that will range from $125 to $300. Each piece of the M.E. Studio collection is hand crafted out of rope and Swarovski crystals. Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu have already been spotted wearing pieces of the M.E. studio collection. The entire collection, Part I and II, will be available for purchase on March 15th.

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rope and the swarovski crystals will range from 40-$150

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4 Responses to “MELODY EHSANI Spring 2011”

  1. Kimberly says:

    These collections are beautiful! I could hardly wait for their release.

  2. Yanna Beau says:

    umm wow! This is breathtaking!

  3. jsica Jessica says:

    I like Melody Ehsani but when I purchased my first Melody Ehsani item, it was a hassle. I’m so glad that I ordered a month before I needed them because it literally took a month to get the correct earrings. Won’t go into details but it took three shipments until I got the right pair +overnight shipping to get it to me on time before the event.

  4. Layidua Layidua says:

    @Kimberly- Me either, I am counting down to March 15th.

    @Yanna- Yes, the M.E. Collection is such a work of art.


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