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M.I.S.S. Sexy Lady: Christine Noble

(Right: Christine Noble)

The energy in the crowd was unbelievable. “Noble! Noble! Noble!” At one point, everyone had been chanting her name long enough that the voices were synonymous to one person. This was her first fight and it was clear that she was more than ready to duke ’em out. After seeing her work the ring like a pro and have her sincerely throw her hands up once announced the winner, it could not be difficult to understand why the world couldn’t or wouldn’t consider her a sexy lady.

What also makes Christine Noble a sexy is lady is her fierce energy, her love  for art & her ability to clear a room of anything else but her name.

Christine studied Sociology, Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto but her passion however, is evident once you take a glance at her; tattoos. She has worked to build quite the portfolio and I’m proud to say that she is credited for my own very first tattoo.

I have found her to be one of the most interesting people I have ever met and guaranteed, you will too. You can check her personal musings out at, where she delves into her art work and random ramblings. Make sure you check her portfolio out too!

So how can you Noble’s look? Check below for some key items to get the “Noble” look – she’s bad ass, intelligent, courageous and most of all, a sexy lady.

1. CC Skye Woven Ghetto Hoops (Gold/Black) You can never go wrong with gold nor with black leather, so why not have both? Having the best of both worlds can’t always be too much (not in this case, at least)
2. Stussy – women’s tweed tote bag (Grey)Stussy never disappoints when it comes to designing something for the ladies. This bag is super cute, an interesting choice of material and would definitely work a casual look which still rocks style, just like Christine.
3. Rebel8 Sticker Set (Black & White) Mike Giant’s work hangs on her walls in her tattoo shop. Stick them onto your notebooks, laptop, sketchbooks . . . you’ll find somewhere to put them, no doubt!
4. Bibi Cheminitz Perforated Shorts (PixieMarket) – Cute shorts, sort of like silk boxing shorts (but not silk boxing shorts at all).

Image Layout: Michelle Peredo

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Sexy Lady: Christine Noble”

  1. Jenine says:

    her tattoos are sick. says she went to the university of toronto but is there any where she’s from out here in cali? love the stussy bag too!

  2. breakthatbread Sha says:

    Hey Jenine,

    She’s an amazing tattoo artist – she’s done all of my tattoos and I plan on returning for many, many more! What I really like about her too is that she follows up and she’s thorough.

    Make sure to check her at! BTW yes, she’s Toronto-based but is dying to be out in California!

    The Stussy bag is so adorable, I know! :)


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