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M.I.S.S. Giveaway: Take Me Home Tonight

I promised this review earlier in the month in my Mirror, Mirror post and I am happy to deliver it now! I have to admit that previews for the movie could be misleading but trust me when I say this film is hilarious! It’s the kind of film I took my chick-flick-addicted best friend and my boyfriend to, and both loved it!

A little backgrounder on the film; Matt Franklin (Topher Grashon) is a recent college graduate struggling to make his next step. He is, for all intensive purposes, stuck in that limbo between college and the “real world” and a major point to this film is watching Matt work up the confidence to make big decisions both career wise and romantically as he see’s the people around him start to leave him behind. His borderline genius sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and borderline psychotic best friend Barry (Don Fogler) help push him along and challenge him and are just all around amazing in this movie!

The movie really gets started with a lie. Matt runs into his high school crush Tori Federking (Teressa Palmer) at Sun Coast Video where he is working even with his degree from MIT and to avoid further humiliation, he tells Tori he is really working for a Wall Street financial firm. The ball starts rolling from here when Tori and Matt agree to meet up at a house party (the kind Matt would usually completely avoid) to hang out later that week.

The characters go through a series of close calls and dangerous encounters. I won’t go into details because you really should see it! I will say the cast is great in the movie. Teressa Palmer, the rookie on the screen, looks so much like Kristin Stewart it is scary, but a warm and appreciative Kristin Stewart. Don Fogler and Topher Grace are great together and had me bent over laughing through most of the movie. The other power duo in the film is Anna Faris and Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation. They play a classic “opposites attract” couple that have some troubles but make it funny as hell to watch.

I really don’t want to give the plot way, because there are some pretty hilarious things that happen, I will say the sound track is worth wild for any 80s music fans, all the hits are there! Michelle Trachtenberg makes a creepy cameo that I could totally appreciate, oh and the costumes are brilliant.

Since we love the film so much and highly recommend it, we are offering up a prize pack! Included in the prize pack are a TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT t-shirt, a mini poster and toiletry bag (with toiletries).

TO ENTER: Leave a comment to this post letting us know your favorite song from the 1980s – the best song that is also featured in the film will win!

*All entries must be made by Thursday, March 3rd, Midnight PST.
**Prize will be shipped only within the U.S.

Stay connected with the premiere of the film nation wide this week or just to find out a little more about it, check out the movie’s Facebook and Twitter now!

Take Me Home Tonight FACBEOOK
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12 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Giveaway: Take Me Home Tonight

  1. Kim Kelly says:

    Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung! .. Though I’m still not sure how we can all “Wang Chung” like it’s a verb.. but it must be synonymous with having fun 😉

    I can’t wait for this movie! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Jo says:

    Straight out of Compton! Nothing like Jerry Curls and bad attitudes.

  3. jsica Jessica says:

    Awesome contest! Good luck everyone!

  4. StereoStef says:

    Too many faves to mention…anything by The Smiths.

    The best song on the soundtrack is: DURAN DURAN – Hungry Like The Wolf

  5. Vikki says:

    My ultimate fav= Der Kommissar (written by Falco) preformed by After the Fire, just cause its super funky and gets me groovin.

  6. Yanna Beau says:

    WOW you guys are picking some winners! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the soundtrack, here is a link. http://amzn.to/feARfQ

    You can also buy it for under $10 if you need to beef up your library. A few of the tracks are covers, which is nice if you are a 80s music fanatic and need to spice things up.


  8. hminnesota says:

    I like “Like a prayer” by Madona

  9. Karen Farrow says:

    My favorite from the movie soundtrack is Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. As for all time favorite song from the 80’s, I couldn’t pick just one. I’m a child of the 80’s and listen to music from that era nonstop! :)

  10. styleezta says:

    Girls just wanna have fun by Cindi Lauper

  11. Jaimie Carlos says:

    video killed the radio star by the buggles is BOSSS!

  12. Yanna Beau says:

    To everyone that participated, thanks so much ! I hope a few of you went out and check out the movie this weekend too :)

    We have selected a winner; winner we will be reaching out to you today!


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