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M.I.S.S. Muses: Andrea Jung’s Recent Donation

For those who know of or follow Andrea Jung, it’s no surprise she would make headlines with a charitable donation. However, the Avon CEO’s recent donation is more than just a monetary gift or PR spin, it’s an inspiration in corporate America and where funds go.

In a time where executive bonuses are a hot topic, Jung’s personal donation is a welcome change from stories of exorbitant bonuses and corporate funds being used for questionable reasons. On March 15, 2011, Avon announced their CEO and chairwoman would donate the entire after-tax proceeds of her $5,362,500 long-term bonus award to the Avon Foundation for Women. The amount will be approximately $3 million and the foundation’s largest personal donation to date. Andrea Jung is already known for work with and support of the Avon Foundation, even receiving the Global Citizen Award last year for Leadership in the Corporate Sector. This personal donation further shows Jung’s leadership, perhaps inspiring other executives to rethink where their wealth goes.

It’s refreshing to see the leader of a corporation not only preach to employees and the public about what the company stands for, but to personally participate in practice, as well. Plus, it’s good to know “the company for women” has a leader that is reaching out to deal with issues that matter to women around the world.

While times are uncertain and we all want to look out for ourselves and loved ones, it’s encouraging to see people look outside themselves and to where they can do good in the world. No matter how much the amount, people helping people is how we grow and survive, and multiplies as others take notice and evaluate what they can do.

Simply put, when we empower women, we change the world.

– Andrea Jung

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