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M.I.S.S. Muses: All the Pregnant Ladies

I have been lucky to have gotten to be around some pretty great pregnant ladies. From the changed appetites to swollen feet to working until they’re going to pop, I’ve felt fortunate to get to share in part of the journey with some mamas. Now, with one of my besties and my sister being with child, I’m reminded how amazing child-bearers are.

Talking to and planning with my pregnant ladies, I’m most taken by how conscious they are about another human being. It’s definitely something to be a parent and always be planning for and doing the best for your child, but to have that child living in you and reacting to everything you do is a whole other level. Pregnant ladies have no choice to be conscious of a fetus pushing on their bladder or the bump in front that starts taking a toll on their back. But beyond the blatant physical reminders, they have to remind themselves to be conscious of what they’re taking in: from food to stress to air quality and beyond. These mamas really do have to think for two, with no break for the entire 40 weeks baby grows inside.

While their body gets no break, it’s not like much else comes to a halt, either. Pregnant women get tired, emotional, have aches and pains,  and are prepping for a child to come into the world, but the rest of life goes on. They go to work. They continue on society’s schedules and manage their existing responsibilities. Some have families to take care of, some have to go it alone. They maintain their bodies, adding in doctor visits and vitamin regimes, only adding more into their schedules. I have a hard enough time making it to my yearly lady check up, but pregnant women have their pregnancy check ups, prescription filling, jobs, family commitments, social life,and goodness forbid anything out of the ordinary that comes up.

My pregnant bestie has recently been getting furniture assembled and arranged in the new baby room. She works, comes home to take care of husband and dog, works out, and still finds the energy to assemble items and get everything organized. My pregnant sister is on mega-save mode for the baby, working three jobs as long as she can manage, while still being an upbeat and young energy. When I have long days or am facing a tough schedule, I think how at least I only have me to worry about and my body is mine alone, and able to carry on.

To all of those ladies who have been and/or are pregnant now: I salute you.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Muses: All the Pregnant Ladies”

  1. Kelly B says:

    Stella! Thanks for the shout… Pregnant ladies often go unnoticed in a land of non preggos!! It definitely takes some serious dedication and sacrifices! <3 <3

  2. For sure! KB- you ladies definitely deserve the credit and praise, and extra points for making it look easier than it is. xxo


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