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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Fashion for Flight

Whenever I look at flight attendants, I always wonder how comfortable they are. I’m all for fashion as expression, but when it comes to travel, I opt for function while en route that translates to working at destination, too. While I won’t recommend tight polyester suits or khaki shorts à la stewardess style, I will offer pointers to be sure your travel outfit is ready for your upcoming flight.

What to have on your flying bod:

1) A pashmina. I always travel with one as they’re so multi-purpose, including but not limited to: climate controller, snuggler, barrier, accessory, etc. Pashminas are easy to carry on your person as a scarf or wrap, so no worries on taking up precious carry on space. Use it as a wrap if it’s chilly, as a head scarf if you want to cover your gaping mouth while napping, or as a blanket when the lady across from you steals the one that should have been yours. I have also been known to hold one close to my face when Coughy McCoupherson is sitting next to me or the dude behind me has some seriously smelly feet liberated from his sneakers.

2) Socks. They don’t sound sexy, but if you’re keepin’ it sexy in open toe heels or comfy sandals and the air is blasting, you’ll thank me. It’s generally colder once the plane is in air, so if you aren’t wearing socks you will likely want them, especially if you’re trying to get comfortable and kick your shoes off. Also, shoes come off during security scans in the airport, so rather than walk barefoot through the scanner and while waiting for your bags, you may want to have socks handy to slip on your feet.

3) A comfortable waistband. It doesn’t matter if you’re in leggings, denim, a skirt, or anything else on bottom, just be sure you can sit in it. If anything is digging into you, it’s even harder to adjust given the tight seat area, so plan ahead and make sure your middle is set for an itch- and dig-free flight.

4) Light layers. Airline seating is tight enough, so you won’t want a bulky overcoat hogging all your space. No matter what the weather outside, be sure to have some light layers for the in-plane weather. Plus, if you’re like me and aren’t into your neighbor being skin-to-skin with you on the armrest or want a barrier between you and the last person’s germs on the seat, a layer is a nice barrier to have.

5) Large closed purse. I specify purse as sometimes airlines get really strict about your carry on personal item, so you don’t want to lose the argument that your duffel bag is indeed functioning as your purse and have to gate check. But you also need to maximize efficiency of packing, so this is no time for a tiny handbag. Make sure you can close it as a) you may have to put it above the seat depending on how large it is/how much leg room you want and b) you’ll have to put it on its side when tucking under the seat, and tampons flying out of an open bag in air isn’t cute.

Anything else you must-wear for flight? Share with all of us in the comments below.

Happy flying!

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5 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Fashion for Flight”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    I don’t fly that much but I will definitely take these tips to heart. I have been on a flight before without socks because it was HOT out when I got on the plane and I did was soooooo cold on that flight!

  2. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    I used to think whatever, I don’t need socks, it’s sandal weather, but after enough times of being super uncomfortable while my feet froze, I decided to learn + add to this list. :)

  3. jsica Jessica says:

    I know! I think they had it worst in the days of Ultrasuede. I remember that Halston did a collection for an entire airline. There was ultrasuede uniforms, seats, covers, everything in the planes! I

  4. Janet says:

    Have never thought to travel with a pashmina, but reading this is causing me a palm-to-face moment. Next flight I will be chic AND warm!

  5. @Jessica, haha, I always wonder why flight outfits aren’t just kept simple and non-offensive.
    @Janet, yay! I’m telling you, it is the most handy item to travel with and you’ll likely find more ways to use it. :)


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