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LAFW X Concept – Jen Awad

My second show of LAFW was Jen Awad. I went into this show expecting some solid pieces! All the signs where there; long line to get in, people claim-erring for the front row seats, packed photographers pit. I defiantly loved some of the looks, the gowns were flirty on the bottom all sassy on top with an open garter styled with woven straps. Now how practical the dress is, is up for debate – but on the runway it looked great! Other than that there was a lot of men’s ware influenced pieces that were very wearable. Long blazers, a full suite and dress shirts neatly tucked into trouser styled shorts made the biggest impact on me.

The fabrics and patterns were pretty all over the place. Electric blue here, pale neutral stripes there, and huge gold hardware thrown in the mix. By the end it was a little hard to pin point who the “Jen Awad Lady” is, but one thing is for sure, she wears a mean pompadour! There was a thigh high lace up boot that was used for almost every look, that didn’t always compliment the pieces. There was ONE  notable change in the shoes, this blue satined bejeweled pump that got ooohs and aaahs – think Carrie’s engagement shoe in the Sex and The City movie. But as far as accessories went, it was laking. True not really Jen’s job, but a better stylist could have helped.

All and all it was a step up from Science and Numbers but still not the best of my fashion weeks shows! See my favorite looks from the collection below.

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