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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays 03.11.11

Simple & Sleek, All Black, Matte with Shiny French Tip @@robinpark

We were blown away by the response to MISS MANI MONDAYS and by all the amazing manicures our readers are rockin’! It was too hard to choose one so I’m listing all of my favorites. Be sure to follow these ladies with their nails did! And get your nails right so you can submit pics next Monday to @MissOmniMedia #MissManiMondays #NailsDid.

@isahuynh Crrrrrackle!!

Shattered!! @MrsNereida

Gold Sprinkles! @highlove

Glitz & Glam with a touch of Rawwwrrr! @poonannielou

Rawrrrr! @Mahban

Old school "touch of class" @ohhaiblizzy

Simple, Silvery and Spidery @Destind4Gr8n3ss

Diamonds are a girls best friend @AtheGrreat

Hellllzzz Yeah! @ASHYEE_SADE

Honorable Mention – Only because the pic is so blurry but we can STILL tell the manicure is hot!

Intricate Design with a splash of color @its_pinkie

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8 Responses to “Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays 03.11.11”

  1. A the Great says:

    Yay! My nails made it! Love the other ladies nails did and their choice in Jewelry! :)

  2. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    I’m so nail envy!!!

  3. breakthatbread Sha says:

    BRAVO to all the ladies that made it onto the wall of nail-fame! :) Look fabulous!

  4. Yay! That’s my girl robin park

    :) :) :) I need to step up my nail game.

  5. ashley sade says:

    yeee.. thanks for featuring my nail art! you can see more of my intricate work on my facebook fan page: ASADE :]

  6. Ana Ana says:

    Love all the manis! Makes me wanna up my nail game this week.

  7. Marisa says:

    Thanks for featuring me amongst these creative manis. I love you guys! [I’m spidery & silvery 😉 ]


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