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Fashion Meets Film: The Commitments

The 60’s were a crazy time. (Well that’s what my mom says.) The 60’s were an era of wild fashion: hippies, bikinis, and Mod Twiggy style. It was also a fabulous time for music. The Beatles, Motown, Elvis, The Supremes, The Rolling Stones, and The Commitments.

Okay, The Commitments weren’t a band in the 60’s but they were a fictional SOUL-loving Irish band in the 90’s, created by the brilliant Irish writer Roddy Doyle. Yeah, that’s right, an Irish Soul Band, complete with pain, sorrow, soul, and a streetwise fashion sense!

Some bands should never been seen publicly!

Jimmy Rabbitte is a boy with music in his blood and the taste of ambition on his tongue. So what does our boy Jimmy do but start a real 100% soul band packed with the best misfits and he could scrape up off the streets and doorways of dirty oul’ Dublin.

These boys may not much about soul, but they know how to have style.

First, there’s Deco, the lead singer slob who wears more food than he eats. Joey ‘The Lips’ Fagan, the trumpet player who has “done” it all and “seen” it all, is soul 24/7. Finally the back up singers Natalie, Imelda, and Bernie, are divas only in their own minds but possess enough sass to last four lifetimes.

2nd hand beauties

These girls know love, soul, class, and style!

Since they were all outsiders and had nothing to lose, Jimmy was willing to risk it all. So he insisted that they not only sound authentic but they had to look the part as well, like they knew soul better than the back of their pale Irish hands. And what better way to show that you have soul than wearing suits and black skintight dresses? It’s instant credibility.

The girls show off their best assets when they’re sporting second-hand Doc Martins with socks. Or their barely broken-in solid bright colored heels with a floral skirt and their older brothers’ leather jackets.

Joey "Fast Lips" got some fast taste as well.

Jimmy is always as slick as his hair, constantly playing and looking the part of a fast-talkin’, slow walkin’ band manager. Deco, on the other hand, is a workingman’s nightmare, with his long grimy hair pulled back in a ponytail, a ratty flannel shirt and a stained jean jacket.

Joey “The Lips” Fagan chooses the funky route, wearing crazy tropical shirts and a rust colored blazer. But style comes easy when you’re as smooth as he is.

Ireland's Finest: The Commitments

No matter how matter how down-and-out they were, they knew how to look good and have fun, which is really the big secret of this profanity-ridden but heartwarming and under-rated classic. It’s something you can enjoy with all of your senses and when you’re done, you’ll able to dance, sing, shake that thing, and curse like a real Irish native.

Irish girls know you should always play with patterns.

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