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Fashion Meets Film: Tank Girl

Get ready to get your mind blown!

In celebration of Women’s History month, I thought it be a good idea to celebrate a woman director’s version of a strong female lead role. Of course, this needed to be someone who has style, goes against the grain, and generally kicks butt.

Goonies, Outcast, weirdo, freaks, all great words.

Then it hit me! Tank Girl!

Trouble is her middle name

Based the British comic strip, this terrific movie tells the awesome story of Tank Girl and her trusted side kick Jet Girl. It all takes place in 2033, after a massive comet has crashed into Earth, turning it into a wasteland.

Water & Power might look like your typical scum bags, don't the suits fool you!

Water is the most rare and precious commodity and the evil Water + Power company rules the land. Tank Girl and her friends however refust to take this laying down. They begin living off the grid but once W&P changes up, Tank Girl starts to fight back!

Crazy isn't just a word, it's a life style

This film is a cult classic. It starts with a band of misfits, has strange oddball characters, and the incredible fashions provide plenty of inspiration for great street wear or one-of-a-kind costumes.

Oh darling, you stink!

Tank Girl’s clothes are hard-rock pretty, a pinch of girly, and a dash of sassy. Although this film is set in the future, it’s got a strong flavor of the 90’s, the era when it was filmed.

Blood is a great accessory

Tank Girl (played by the crazy Lori Petty) wears both feminine and masculine garments. She loves the always stylish big, heavy military jacket, but paired with a hot mini skirt and many wild girly pigtails.

That Captain Tank Girl to you!

Even thought she holds the fate of the world in her hands, she still takes time to jazz up her prison jump suit by cutting off the sleeves and wearing her tube socks on her arms.

Don't think Tank Girl has all the fun, Jet Girl is just as amazing.

But of course, Tank Gir’s crew is just as kick-ass as she is. The very young Naomi Watts plays Jet Girl rocks the 80’s hung-over, grunge-band groupie look with style. One scene she wears a cool brown leather jacket that’s scarred up with patches and accessorizes it with a raccoon hat.

Style from toes to her eye balls: Take note.

So before you go out on the town to paint it bright red, you got to make sure you have on your ripped fish nets, drawn-on eyelashes, mesh bra, war paint, and your baggiest pair of cut off shorts. Because if you’re looking to raise hell and stick a pair of combat boots under it, you ideal role model is the girl who perfected the concept: Tank Girl!

A little war paint never hurt no one

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2 Responses to “Fashion Meets Film: Tank Girl”

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    Lori Petty has always had a very unique style. I think she did a great job of bringing that over to the film :)

  2. Yeah! She actually helped with the stylist of this film. She’s so crazy and wild, it’s hard not to love her.


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