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Ears to the Streets: Animal Instincts

Generally ‘wearing animals’ can be confined to the following two categories: donning apparel with an animal-inspired print, i.e. leopard or zebra print, or wearing fur. Last year, Christopher Kane disrupted this notion with his wildly popular apparel featuring the faces of animals, such as the gorilla tee shown in the image above. Naturally, the fashion world was quick to embrace this unique way of exhibiting Mother Nature. But alas, like all trends, the gorilla-printed tee trend was quelled as others (platforms and flare jeans) took hold.

It seems as though the trend Mr. Kane inspired may be experiencing a bit of a resurgence. At Paris Fashion Week, rock royalty and actress Liv Tyler was spotted wearing a Givenchy tee that showed a growling canine. (Cute? Hardly… but attention-grabbing, undoubtedly.) According to, Kanye West showed up at the same fete – in the same sweater! (Cue fashion gasp.)

Another animal-inspired trend that’s both slightly ridiculous and chic are animal-inspired accessories. I was browsing The Fresh Fiends today when I came across SpiritHoods. These hybrid scarf-hat combos feature animal ears and mittens so that your hands stay warm while you’re strutting down the street avoiding the paparazzi. My personal fave SpiritHood? The Nasty Rabbit (shown above), featuring none other than floppy bunny ears guaranteed to turn heads.

Whether you’re all for the new way to wear animals or you think the trend’s a bit ludicrous (but weren’t Uggs when they first hit the scene?), one thing’s for sure: it’s definitely a new way to pay homage to our furry friends.

Images via, The Fresh Fiends

Graphic layout: Feesh

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  1. jsica Jessica says:

    The second one pictured reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens because she was seen wearing it, hehe.


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