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Ears to the Street: California Love

Left to right: Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely, Chictopia member DressUponAStar, Jeffrey Campbell Lita (inset), a street style snap from Refinery29, blogger Jazzi McG, a look from Nasty Gal's online shop

Los Angeles doesn’t get enough credit in the fashion world. Better known for its landscapes and slew of short-lived reality starlets (Stephanie Pratt or Lo Bosworth, anyone?), the stylish ladies of Tinseltown and the surrounding suburbs are often overshadowed by Hollywood’s antics. (Let’s not even get into Charlie Sheen’s drama…) The fashion spotlight tends to shine exclusively on Manhattan in the US, let’s take some time to salute Californians for their airy, fresh and fun style. We owe it to Angelenos to recognize their affinity to wearing color year-round (I’ll always have a soft spot for black monochromatic outfits) and their breezy, 70s-inspired getups.

Speaking of the 1970s, the era that made disco famous is slated to experience a resurgence this spring. We’re talking high-waisted denim (complete with bell bottom flare), turban headbands and maxi dresses – hippie chic with a touch of glam. And no one does this trend better than LA’s very own, who are fortunate enough to be able to rock platform sandals year-round. Who are some of our favorite LA locals to take style cues from? For hippie chic, Erin Wasson-inspired looks look no further than Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. If you’re more girly and flirty, look to Jazzi McG for outfit inspiration. We’re also a huge fan of Chictopia member DressUponAStar – her fiery red locks balance out her Cali cool style.

Not located in the City of Angels and want to get the look? Start by scooping up an easy-to-move-in skirt, ideal for those 70 degree-plus days that you can’t think of squeezing yourself into a pair of denim skinnies – try the Bonnie Asymmetric Skirt at Nasty Gal ($70). Complete the look with Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita platform shoe – the perfect transitional footwear to take you from winter to spring.

What to build your knowledge on style happenings in SoCal? Check out some more of our fave LA-based reads: Refinery 29 LA, Because I’m Addicted, Racked LA

Images via Nasty Gal, Singer22, Chictopia, Jazzi McG

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3 Responses to “Ears to the Street: California Love”

  1. Good call on this! This is a CA style I can get on board with.

  2. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    As a Cali girl myself, I’d have to say the loose reincarnation of hammer pants are IN! At a recent show, I swear there had to be over 10 girls rocking it. I ain’t mad either, it’s comfy and we LOOOVE comfort.

  3. Margaret says:

    blaahhh sorryyyy im sick of everyone here trying to look like they’re from the west coast. we dont have the climate for it, so girlies tumbling around in snow wearing jeffrey cambell-couture knockoffs and only tights on the bottom look so dumb. i blame fashion bloggers romanticizing the look. rep where you’re from! wheres your goose down and sorrels?

    i love that wide leg/high waisted jeans are back though, it means they’ll be more widely available and it won’t be so hard to find them anymore!

    ps LA is totally idealized in toronto, so don’t feel unloved!


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