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Design Link List 03.11.11

This week, we ♥♥ love bicycles! Not only great for your health and fitness – cycling is a great way to meet cute boys and girls!

♥♥ Haven’t got a bike? Worried it’s going to cost an arm and a leg (and you haven’t even fallen off yet)? Well have no fear, Mojo Bikes have come to the rescue with their customizable range of mail order bikes. With over 240,000 different color options, there’s sure to be a bike that’s perfect for you (and your budget!). Visit Mojo Bikes for more info.

♥♥ A lot of women find the prospect of cycling on busy roads daunting. Candy Cranks, the collaborative forum for female bike riders from across the globe, has come up with this cheeky t-shirt that gives us ladies the perfect reason to get out there and ride easy. Check out Candy Cranks for more info.

♥♥ But what are you going to do with all your stuff? Designed by Jaime Salm & Brian Kelly, the Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is designed to fit most bicycles, ships flat and can be installed in either the front or rear of the bike. The basket’s unique design is perfect for urban cycling, carrying purses, backpacks or shopping bags. Available from Mio.

♥♥ Not satisfied with a stock standard bike? Into customizing? You’ll ♥♥ LOVE these heart-shaped chainrings. Available in a wide range of colors, these babies will have you standing out from the crowd in a minute! From Candy Cranks.

♥♥ Accessorize your clothes to match your bike with a one-of-a-kind cycling caps by Baroquemyworld. Each cap is handmade, unique and can even be custom made to your specifications. Winter and summer styles available. Visit Baroquemyworld for more info.

♥♥ Knog make some great bike accessories, including really durable satchel bags that are perfect for carrying your precious stuff while you ride your wheelie. Visit Knog to see their range of clothing, bags and bike accessories. And their blog is a great read!

♥♥ And don’t think for a second that bikes are just for riding. Relax a little with these bicycle cushions by Jenna Rose. Jenna illustrates each design by hand, drawing inspiration from daily life. Each piece is screen-printed in-house using non-toxic water-based pigments and natural and organic materials. Available from Jenna Rose.

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