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Beyond the Runway: Celebrating Fashion Women

When thinking of the word “fashion,” images of women and women’s fashion are likely the first to come to mind. While the industry for and celebrated by so many women may seem to be a place we have more say than other industries, the truth is, it’s still quite dominated by males. However, in honor of Women’s History Month and the strides our gender has made, instead of focusing on the inequalities behind the scenes, let’s celebrate women who are making their mark and laying ground in the fashion industry.

Diane von FurstenbergThe designer. While I am always shocked by how many men design for women, I’m always pleased to see ladies like DVF establishing their name and achieving successes that grow upon it. Not only has she established a thriving line of clothing, she has created a signature look tracked back to being made popular by her, and opened namesake retail stores. She is continuously growing her brand. Also proving women are beautiful at any age and that classy is sexy, DVF is an example and role model to designers and businesswomen on their way up.

Anna WintourThe powerhouse. Often associated with being demanding and cold, Anna Wintour makes her mark. No matter what we think of her mannerisms, the woman is undoubtedly a power broker of the fashion industry. Her perfectionism and discerning eye pick out new designers to be brought to the spotlight and cause existing ones to seek her counsel and opinion. Holding her editor-in-chief position at Vogue since 1988 and more recently getting behind Fashion’s Night Out, Wintour is a leader, tastemaker, and authority.

Heidi KlumThe model. First known for her face and body gracing runways and catalogs, Heidi Klum has branded herself beyond being a model, now including host and producer as titles. Leveraging her name has continued to boost her opportunities and power, upping her photo time on red carpets and in the press. One thing to especially love about Klum’s added celebrity: she’s been on television and red carpets while pregnant, showing off beauty beyond her figure and making the title of mother more visible and associated with beauty and success.

Lady GagaThe envelope pusher. She’s hard not to notice not only for her music, makeup, and performance, but for her expression, statements, and spectacle made through fashion. Breaking fashion limits and championing the next cutting-edge fashion trends, Lady Gaga is continuously evolving and reminding us of excitement for and through fashion. She also took fashion product placement to a new level in music videos, incorporating another dimension of business + fashion houses with music entertainment.

Susie BubbleThe blogger. Starting as a normal gal, from the people and fashion fans all over, Susie Bubble is now known for her blog, Style Bubble, showing her outfits and street style and more. She represents the growing power of bloggers as fashion contributors and people to be listened to, consistently maintaining her web presence and carefully choosing how to grow her readership while remaining true to her views. Of the recent and growing crop of fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble was in the first waves and still remains an authority to other bloggers and fashion perusers, not only for her style sense but also for her longevity at being a fashion blogger. Recently featured in a GAP ad campaign, Susie Bubble is a success story for those who don’t work directly in the industry but have passion for what they wear and see.

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4 Responses to “Beyond the Runway: Celebrating Fashion Women”

  1. Ashley P Ashley P says:

    Such strong forces in the industry. Great list! Love these women!

  2. Ash S Ash S says:

    These woman are truly inspirational! Great article!

  3. Thanks, Ash! Happy Women’s History Month! :)

  4. Thank you, Ashley! Glad you like the list.


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