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We Got The Beat : Steed Lord

Steed Lord In The House!

If you haven’t noticed yet, house is back! And right now, one of the best groups doing it for the 21st century is Steed Lord. Haling from Iceland these recent Silverlake, CA locals are taking the underground house scene by storm. They have performed along side some of the biggest names in dance music today and have no sign of slowing down.

Steed Lord’s Heart II Heart

Late last year the group released their 3rd collection of work entitled “Heart II Heart” with New Crack City Records and from that we received that fierce dance track, “123 If You Want Me” and it’s accompanying video choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. The video is full of bright colored wigs, great vintage rags and some pretty amazing fan capes. It’s just too much fun to fight. The track hits hard with a hook catchy and fun to sing along to; yes friends this very well might be my favorite band of the spring!


The group (made up of female singer Kali and producers Demo and M.E.G.A.) have been performing under the name Steed Lord since 2006. Since then they have toured the world and even collaborated with H&M to design a line of apparel. Although Steed Lord doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled, I would be on the look out. They put on an AMAZING show and should not be missed!

To hear even more music from Steed Lord check out their SoundCloud page.
If after watching their video, you too are obsessed with Kali’s style, check out her Tumblr!

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