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The Sexy Self Love Soirée: Women Enough’s Launch Party

A night full of sexy self love!

A night full of sexy self love!

I spent the day preparing for a pre-Valentine date night: painting my nails, curling my hair, lotioning up every inch of my body, and even selecting some sexy lingerie to wear under my little black dress.  But there was no Prince Charming picking me up, nor was I meeting up with Mister (or even Miss) Right.  I had a hot date with someone even more special than any knight in shining armor: myself.   For Valentine’s Eve, I spent the evening with a room full of gorgeous, phenomenal women for The Sexy Self Love Soirée, the official launch party for Women Enough.

Women Enough (WE), founded by the fabulous Michelle Fetsch, is a movement in media committed to sending positive and realistic media messages through events and campaign strategies.  WE strives to celebrate and accept the woman and all that she entails, with no boundaries in shape, size, ethnicity, and culture, and this event was quite reflective of that mission.  The venue, the newly renovated Cellar in San Francisco, provided the luxurious ambiance for a night of love, but not the typical type of romantic love.  Although there were a few lucky men in the house, this night was all about loving the ladies.  There were so many lavish accommodations, I felt like a queen!

Mini-Makeovers and Moo Cards

Mini-Makeovers and Moo Cards

After an introduction with Michelle, I started my night off by getting a mini-makeover by makeup artist Tanya Hibbard.  She and her partner, also named Tiffany, delicately glittered up the eyes of whoever sat in their chairs.  Tanya prepped me for my next venture, a boudoir photo session, by applying just a little more eyeliner and a touch of red gloss to my lips.  She has a way of making you feel gorgeous when she works with you, and her business cards even show it.  She handed me a moo card with the word “EXQUISITE” boldly displayed on the back.  The other cards read every empowering adjective from “BEAUTIFUL” to “STUNNING,” and I thought it’s just the little details that actually make a difference in how you feel.

Self-affirmation was everywhere, and that’s exactly what WE wants to promote.  The curvaceous silhouette of the Women Enough logo encapsulates other terms that women often use to describe themselves, but what really stands out is “I Love My Body.”  Skinny, fat, too short, average, vibrant, and vivacious are all words that can either empower or discourage a woman, but through the works of WE, it proves that women are enough, no matter how you see yourself.  I made sure to remember that philosophy as I prepared for my boudoir shoot with photographer, Wendy Yalom.

Love Your Body!

Love Your Body!

Prior the the event, a Facebook message reminded me to wear my finest undergarments for the boudoir photo booth.  With that said, I threw on my push-up bra and stuffed my love handles into a Fredrick’s of Hollywood bustier.  I would never wear such a thing for hours underneath my clothes, but to me, boudoir just screams sexy and sensual.  The lingerie and photos would not be for some guy for Valentine’s Day; it was all for my sexy self.

I noticed that other confident ladies before me took amazing photos, but had not stripped down.  I felt myself getting anxious.  Was I doing too much?  Would my body look good enough?  I had to check myself and remember where I was, who I was with, and what I was there for.  Like WE says, “every woman should feel free and unafraid to love and honor her own body.”

When meeting with Wendy, I told her what I was wearing underneath.  Without hesitation, she told me to take off my dress and there was just something in the air that put me at ease.  She sat me in a velvety chair from Zainido Decor and guided me through the most comfortable time I’ve had in front of a camera, even though I was only in my underwear.  She told me how to pose, where to look, and showered me with compliments after every shot.  It was completely genuine, and after looking at her photobook on display, I knew that she’d get that one good photo to email to me.

Mmmmm...Chocolate everywhere!Fa

Mmmmm...Chocolate everywhere!

With my make-up finished, and photography out of the way, it was time to indulge.  I ordered a drink from the sexy mixologist, Ms. Nation, who rocked a bustier with a stylish lace bib.  And there I was shy about wearing a bustier, when she’s out there flaunting it!  She poured me one of the two signature cocktails, the Zona Rosa.  I usually don’t drink tequila, but this drink had guava and fancy pink peppercorn in it, so I could barely taste the liquor.  I feasted on chocolate covered strawberries, bleu cheese and crackers, and mini cupcakes all from Sugar Cafe.  Oh, and chocolate was strategically placed everywhere, so I ended up pretty chocolate wasted!

Sensually Sexy Drinks

Sensually Sexy Drinks

I finished up another drink, the Desert Rose, a vodka and cranberry drink with rose water and garnished with rose potpourri, just as Michelle came up to speak.  Although Women Enough is a freshly formed organization, WE has been in Michelle’s thoughts for some time now.  She shared her story of how throughout her life, she’s always heard a conversation of not being good enough.  With the media constantly pushing out images of what is to be considered beautiful, I can relate to her feelings about that.  Her struggles with eating disorders only added to the problem, so at the age of 16, after reading Sark‘s Succulent Wild Woman, she was inspired to start a women’s empowerment group.  After 10 years, with the guidance and inspiration from other strong and influential women, she founded Women Enough.  The cheers in the audience proved that the ladies were grateful for such a powerful movement.

M.I.S.S. Tiffany with Women Enough founder, Michelle Fetsch

M.I.S.S. Tiffany with Women Enough founder, Michelle Fetsch (photo by Kevin Sam of 944)

There will be more to come from WE, as Michelle is taking a walk across America to film a documentary about women and their experiences regarding their body image and the media.  Ladies are also encouraged to send in written responses to be included in this conversation.

Although I left before I could hear a talk from relationship expert, Sonika Tinker, or the sounds form DJ BombGoddess, I still had the most fabulous night filled with self love.  I look forward to seeing what grows out of this organization.  I’ll be thinking about my responses to submit to this documentary in the making, and I also encourage you to do the same.  I have a good feeling that you’ll be hearing more from Women Enough, and believe that I’ll be there to celebrate at the kick-off party, because these ladies sure know how to make you feel like you are enough, and then some!

Check out the Women Enough website to get more information about submitting your story.

Graphics by C-Rocka

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4 Responses to “The Sexy Self Love Soirée: Women Enough’s Launch Party”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    This looked like fun! Any event that involves chocolate covered strawberries is ok by me :)

  2. Miss.Summer Miss.Summer says:

    A friend of mine hosted a similar event here in Phoenix, for the radio station she works for. I love how makeup and sweets can bring women together :) So cute! Can’t wait to submit my story on the Women Enough site

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks, Tiffany for sharing our event so stylishly with the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S.

    WE would so love to hear from women sharing their stories.


  4. artiffact artiffact says:

    It’s so fun to just get dolled up without having to worry about being objectified by the bad boys. And yes, chocolate is a must for any girly event!


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