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The Design List List 02.1.11

Here’s what we ♥♥ love in design this week…


♥♥ What do you get when you cross a chair with an octopus? An octothrone! ♥♥ Looking like something straight out of Davy Jones’ Locket, the Octopus Chair was designed by Maximo Riera, and is the first piece from his Animal Chair collection.


♥♥ Swedish design at it’s very best ♥♥ Brita Sweden design and produce organic fabric, kitchen accessories, plastic runners and other interior items.


♥♥ Mastermind x Chan So Noodle Bowls ♥♥ Last week we had art meets light bulbs (KAWS), this week we have fashion meets noodles. Japanese fashion brand Mastermind have teamed up with noodle restaurant Chan So to create a pop-up space at Contemporary Fix where customers can order specially created bowls of ramen, that come with a set of the bowls themselves. Available now at Anytime.


♥♥ Totes cute! ♥♥ Very cute totes by Artecnica.


♥♥ Got big design ideas? ♥♥ Think you know how information and communication technologies should be integrated into our everyday lives in the future? Then submit your ideas to the FUJITSU design award 2011. But hurry, the deadline is fast approaching and entries will be accepted until January 31st, 2011.


♥♥ What would a table be without legs? ♥♥ Pretty flat. Which is exactly the opposite of the latest collaboration between artist Parra and Toykyo. These little tables have been dubbed the ‘Fly New Coffee Table’ for a good reason – each table has 2 sets of miniature legs wearing high heels that hold the table together. In true Parra style, the combination of brightly colored fiber glass and enamel paint finish brings these tables to life.

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