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The Design List List 02.04.11

We love ♥♥ design and we love ♥♥ L.O.V.E. this week…


♥♥ Love don’t cost a thing and according to Twig & Thistle, it’s the little gestures that will be remembered the most. In that spirit, they’ve come up with these gorgeous Valentines Day Fruit stickers – for FREE! Just Download the PDF, print onto sticker paper, cut out and apply to your special someone’s favorite fruit. Their heart is sure to skip a beat when they see what you snuck into their lunch bag!


♥♥ Rose and Eros, limited edition candle collaboration by Diptyque and Kuntzel + Deygas. Like a song with echoing voices, two fragrances intertwine to create a new melody. Revealing and releasing each other at once. The boxes feature two logo spaces that embrace to form a heart. Nothing less than musical harmony. Available from Colette.


♥♥ Even though we’ve been together for ages I still have a crush on you. Cards by Able and Game are funny, cute and make the perfect Valentine’s Day greeting card. Get them online from Able and Game.


♥♥ Dressed in chocolate brown with a red love-heart tummy, the new Valentine’s Day 100% Bearbrick from Medicom is available from Project 1/6.


♥♥ Never forget Valentine’s Day again with a beautiful Life Calendar designed by Brigada Creativa.


♥♥ The Ventricle Vessel is as hand blown sculptural vase designed by Eva Milinkovic, referencing the organic beauty of the human heart. Each piece is unique and available by custom order in sizes 10″, 16″ and 22″ from Tsunami Glassworks.


♥♥ Revive your love life with iPod. iPod are geting loved up with this clever Valentine’s Day Ad Campaign by the world’s smallest ad agency, Pixel.


♥♥ Everyone L.O.V.E.s Scrabble. And water better way to show it than this cute set of Scrabble cushions from Chunky Monkey Luv on Etsy.


♥♥ Rainy Date. Here’s a reason to keep your date, even if it’s raining. Who could resist this heart-shaped umbrella? Available from Umbrella Heaven.

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2 Responses to “The Design List List 02.04.11”

  1. artiffact artiffact says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fruit stickers (especially the bananas). I’m printing some out tomorrow.

  2. Cheech Sanchez Cheech says:

    They are very, very cute. And free!


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