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She’s Got Sole: Air Yeezy 2?

Did Kanye hit us with another one?

Did Kanye hit us with another one?

Put up the barricades. Get the pigs on speed dial. We’re about to have a riot on our hands. If what the sneaker gods are hinting at is true, it’s about to be a stampede in these streets! We all know Kanye West is quite the fashionable dude (minus the red velvet suit from the VMAs). His sense of style landed him the honor of being the first non-athelete to get  a Nike sneaker design bearing his name.  ‘Ye as the next Tinker Hatfield, maybe?

The Air Yeezy is one of the most coveted pair of kicks since the Retro Jordan lineup. Sneakerheads and Hipsters alike skipped class, packed lunches, and camped out to be the first to sport the next big thing in footwear. As of right now, nothing has been officially confirmed by Nike. However, Kanye did retweet a Twitter mention about the shoe back in November. Now, Mr. West may have low key given us a sneak peek at the Air Yeezy 2.

The recent ‘The Black Mamba’ short film released by Nike Basketball provides viewers with a movie trailer experience revolving around Kobe Bryant and his alias. Robert Rodriguez directed the film and it so-stars some heavy hitting actors. Ever heard of Danny Trejo or Bruce Willis? Thought so. Well, our beloved Kanye is plays a character called ‘The Boss’ and he’s the man behind the scenes. His hustle is collecting top basketball players and jacking them for their sneaker. Peep ‘The Boss’ shoes. They do resemble the Air Yeezy silhouette. Anxious? Just fast forward to the 3:35 mark and pay close attention.

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2 Responses to “She’s Got Sole: Air Yeezy 2?”

  1. Ashley P Ashley P says:

    This little movie was very creative. Nike definitely knows how to market themselves well.

  2. Ash S Ash S says:

    I’m a huge fan of Kanye and Nike.. together they can do no wrong.. Can’t wait to see a clear picture of theses!


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