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She’s Crafty: Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

I almost freaked out when my 10-year-old girl asked me if she could get red highlights.  “But the other girls have it,” she pleaded.  Honey, I’m sorry, but if I’m not getting highlights, then you sure ain’t either!  And…you’re only 10!  But she definitely is not complaining anymore because we both have feather hair extensions, and all her friends now want what she’s got.  These feathers are fun, colorful, fashionable, and as temporary or permanent as you want them to be.  No dyes needed, just 10 minutes and a 10-year-old (and her mama) have both brightened up their hair.

Feathers are all the rage, especially since Spring 2011 trends are summoning the whole laid-back bohemian vibe.  Feather hair extensions will give you the look for as long as 4 months, depending on care.  You can wash them, curl them, cut them, and straighten them; it’s like real hair!  If you’re tired of it, it’s such a cinch to remove.  Fancy salons everywhere are charging as much as $40 to fancy up your mane, but we at M.I.S.S. love to get crafty and do it ourselves.

I started my search by looking up rooster saddle feathers through sporting goods stores, because the feathers are generally used for fly fishing.  But now, it’s is nearly impossible to find these feathers anywhere but on eBay or Etsy, as fashion fiends are buying out whole inventories.  I’ll bet these fishermen and women are pretty pissed off, but hey, at least our hair is pretty!

Gather up your materials, ladies, and let’s get fly!

Materials for Feather Hair Extensions

Materials for Feather Hair Extensions

Materials Needed:

  • Saddle feathers, in any color or quantity you wish
  • Crimp bead, a.k.a. hair extension links
  • Bobby pin or thin, bent wire, opened like a “V”
  • Comb
  • Clip
  • Mirror

STEP 1:  Finding your spot.  Gather up your feathers and play around with where you want to place it.  Try putting it under layers to hide the bead and decide on what you like.

Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 2:  Part hair where you want the extension, comb it back and secure with a clip.

Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 3:  Thread the hair.  In the area where you want the extension, separate a small section of hair where the bead will crimp on.  Using the thin wire or bobby pin, place the section of hair in the “V,” close the end, and thread the ends of the wire through the bead crimp.

Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 4:  Use the bobby pin or wire to pull the hair through the crimp bead.

Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 5:  Stick the feathers in the bead.  Make sure to leave a little extra feather on the other end of the bead.

Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 6:  Clamp the crimp bead down with the pliers.  Make sure it is as flat as possible and that the feathers are secured in the bead.

Feather Hair Extensions

Remember, you can style the feathers like normal hair.  My daughter and I have had them for over a week and they’re still looking fresh.

REMOVAL: Use the pliers and squeeze the crimp bead in the other direction.


  • Place a few feathers in various locations for a head full of color.
  • Or….focus on one part of your hair and go feather-crazy.  You may need to use more than one crimp bead with many feathers.
  • Cut feathers in shorter lengths to highlight bangs.
  • Buy extra feathers so you can change your look and colors as you please.
  • Your friends will most likely want you to do this to them too, so invite them over and do everyone’s hair!  Birds of a feather flock together!
  • If you buy your feathers from certain sellers, they will include crimp beads and wire in their kit.  I purchased mine from eBay seller shyandmat.  I ordered 25 feathers for about $1 each, and got to pick my own colors.  She offered free shipping, and it arrived at my house quickly, because you know we were so excited to try this out!  I’ve looked around quite a bit and hers seemed to be the best deal.

Thanks to my daughter, Jada, for modeling.

Graphics by C-Rocka

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6 Responses to “She’s Crafty: Feather Hair Extensions”

  1. Heather says:

    To get the best prices and free shipping on feather hair extensions visit!

  2. Kayla says:

    I found a great selection at! you can email them and do custom orders too!

  3. cerina says:


    were u able to find feathers at your local sports store? if not, where did you purchase the feathers specifically??

    thanks! i wanna do this!

  4. cerina says:

    sorry! i read the last line of ur post that answered my question!

  5. Deven says:

    Nice article. The problem is there are no feathers! a good alternative is to go to

    6 bundled feathers for $17 + beads+ tool. Lots of colors from dyed to natural grizzly and solids. No need to go to a salon!


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